I've only known about The Korea Drama Festival yesterday, so pardon me for the late posting. The whole event runs from Oct 1-15, I believe. But the awards night is on October 11. Here's the 2009 official poster for the show.


It was wonderful news when Hyun Joong won the Seoul Drama Awards 2009, and now it gets even better, because our dear Leader has won again! He won the KDF 2009 Awards Poll with 92,339 votes! And that's 55% of the overall votes! Wow! Triple S are really hardworking fans! Bravo to all Triple S! Well done!

I hope this time, Leader gets to accept his own award. It would be a heartwarming moment for all Triple S fans to see Hyun Joong go up that stage (looking healthier, I hope!) and accept his award after all that he's been through these past months. We'll just have to tune in on October 11. Here's the event programme lifted from the KDF 2009 Website...

Credits: http://www.kdfo.org/2009 + SS601.com


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