Let's look at 5 past SS501 appearances. I haven't posted pictures from these events, so I'm taking the chance now...

32nd Cyworld Digital Music Awards - "Because I’m Stupid" won the Song of the Month.

Video uploader: 501bjoo @ youtube

Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo Concert - This fan meeting was held after the drama "Boys Over Flowers" at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park.

Romantic Sky Fan Meeting - On May 2 & 3, two chartered planes flew excited Triple S fans to Jeju Island with SS501 as their flight attendants!

Asia-Pacific Super Model Competition - Our SS501 boys performed and even modeled down the ramp with pretty ladies in the Asia-Pacific Supermodel Contest 2009.

*Credits as tagged in pics*

Beijing Fan Meeting - At last, we can now understand what they were talking about in the Beijing Fanmeet. 12 videos all in all! Thanks to shirbogurl21 for subbing!
  1. SS501 Performs "Deja Vu"
  2. SS501 Interview 1
  3. SS501 Performs "U R Man"
  4. SS501 Interview 2 Part 1
  5. SS501 Interview 2 Part 2
  6. SS501 Interview 2 Part 3
  7. SS501 Performs "Again"
  8. SS501 Interview 3 Part 1
  9. SS501 Interview 3 Part 2
  10. Ss501 Interview 3 Part 3
  11. SS501 Performs "Fighter"
  12. SS501 "A Song Calling for You"
Credit: shirbogurl21 @ YouTube


marge0256 said...

I am so glad that Shirbogurl21 had the whole fanmeeting in beijing subbed! will watch it within the next few days. Thanks for these too! I love your site :)

phtriples said...

i know right? shirbogurl21 rocks! :) and thanks marge! i love reading your comments! keep em comin...

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