Saw these pictures of Hyun Joong endorsing MACOS ADAMAX. The ring and spectacles looks stylish and it sure suits Leader's image. But it's not the ring or spectacles that grabs my attention here. It's Leader. Look at him... he looks so tired, and thin! Look at his eyes! And his smile is so weary... Aww... I wonder when these pictures were taken. Was it before he got sick with H1N1? I hope next time we see Leader, he'll have some color back on his cheeks!



In the pictures below, Leader looks healthier... maybe these were taken during the BOF days.

Credits: MACOS + Baidu


cris-alisasis said...

Can we just kidnap Leader and give him some tender loving care??? ^-^

marge0256 said...

Hot much. please! :)

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