My readers are so wonderful, you guys are so sweet to share information and anything related to SS501. I really appreciate it. I try my best to update this blog with SS501 news and whatnot, and I enjoy doing that, but I can only do so much. I can't get EVERY article or EVERY piece of information, so at times like this, I really appreciate people who share what they know, or what they've come across. That way, I can post them in return and share it with the rest of Triple S. After all, sharing is loving. Right guys? Like this one wonderful gal by the name of Agatha who kindly shared with me this article about the Korean Cultural Festival in the Philippine Inquirer. Thanks so much Agatha!

Credits: Agatha + Daily Inquirer +

Talk about suspense! I wonder which Korean pop group will give a free concert on November 27. Wow, how I wish it's SS501! But I'm not getting my hopes up, because at this point, the chances of getting our boys here in the Philippines are very slim. Maybe in the future, but certainly not as soon as Nov 27. Unless there's some kind of intervention! Haha. But my top guess would be 2NE1, since it's the group of Sandara Park. What's your guess? And will you join the festival?


marge0256 said...

My guess would probably be the same as yours. If not them, probably a boy band like one of SuJu's sub groups.

cris-alisasis said...

2ne1, Wonder Girls or Suju. ^-^ But for sure VJ Isak of Pops in Seoul will be here. She already mentioned it on her Twitter Account. ^-^

phtriples said...

Hehe, what's VJ Isak's twitter account cris? I'd like to follow... LOL. But I think you're right, it's either 2NE1 or Wonder Girls. Those are the most popular groups here in the Philippines.

Cris Alisasis said...

VJ Isak's twitter is realISAK. :)

I'm having a little doubt though on Wonder Girls coz they're still in the U.S. at the moment... And they've been there for quite some time now. They have twitter accounts too! LOL!

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