I'm really quite confused if this "Song Of China and South Korea" is the same as the 11th Korea China Friendship Concert that's happening on October 6. Anyhow, let's just wait and find out. Maybe Leader Hyun Joong will be able to attend this event! Records show that SS501 airplane tickets are booked for these flights:

10/5/2009 KE845【8:10——8:40】
Seoul, South Korea (ICN) to Qingdao, China (TAO) – SEL to TAO

10/7/2009 KE842【14:50——17:20】
Qingdao, China (TAO) to Seoul, South Korea (ICN) – TAO to SEL

source: baidu SS501
Translation: ss501fighting

Let's wait for the official announcement. We'll find out in a couple of days! I'm excited to see our dear Leader again!


marge0256 said...

I'm torn if I want Leader to go to China or not. I mean, I miss him so bad. And I'm sure all of us do. But I think he's not 100% ready to leave the country moreso perform. Oh well. I hope he's better. :)

phtriples said...

yeah... poor Leader. i hope he's recovering well. Although I want to see him badly, like you do... I think a little more rest is in order. According to reports, we'll see him on Oct 17 for the Persona in Taiwan concert. Are you guys coming? :)

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