October 11, 2009

Pictures & Updates

I'm back! How have you guys been? Wow, I've been gone for just an overnight trip, and when I get back, so many new pictures from the boys have been posted! But before anything else, I just want to say that I enjoyed my trip with friends, but somehow, I feel like I was having withdrawal symptoms! Hehe. I miss SS501! My day really isn't complete without seeing them or getting updates about them. I'm sure you guys can relate. :) Anyway, according to reports, the new SS501 album will be out on October 22! Let's cross our fingers that this will be the final date of release. I'm excited about getting their new album. Let's support the boys by buying the original!

Credit: 501dong + SS601

The surge of photos from the Korea-China Friendship Concert is nonstop! More and more pictures just keep coming (not that I'm complaining, hehe). I am so deprived of the boys for more than 1 day, that's why these picture overload is a good welcome. These photos are from kimkyujong.com.cn and they're really clear. These are individual shots of the boys from their Qingdao performance. Since the site is for Kyu, naturally, the pictures are Kyu-centered. But they also took shots of the other members. To make things easier, I included a download link for each. :) So if you want to download only your favorite member's photos, you can do so conveniently.

If you want to download everything, click here.

Kim Hyun Joong (50 Photos)

Kim Kyu Jong (100 Photos)

Kim Hyung Jun (35 Photos)

Park Jung Min (8 Photos)

Heo Young Saeng (7 Photos)

Credits: kimkyujong.com.cn


marge0256 said...

Thanks for this! :)

I plan to download the pictures :) Thanks for giving me an easier way to do it. Thanks again!

phtriples said...

you're welcome marge! :)

charmedbyhyunjoong said...

You're so nice...making it easier for us to download the pictures...super thanks a lot...

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