October 12, 2009

S501 Photo Book in Hawaii

I seriously want to buy the SS501 Photo Book in Hawaii! If only I could buy every SS501 merchandise that hits the market. But I'm saving up for the 2nd album and a ticket for the PERSONA in Singapore, I think this photo book will have to take the backseat for now. But it's officially in my wishlist now! :) If you want to pre-order this, you can go here.

Product description from YesAsia:

The top boy band in Korea, SS501 reigns supreme not only in the pop scene, but also in the arenas of theater, hosting, dancing, and acting. Each of the five members has displayed his impressive talents and versatility. Park Jung Min is praised for his performance in the musical Grease; Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun, and Heo Young Saeng, as the subgroup "Triple S", have charmed fans with the mini-album U R Man; leader Kim Hyun Joong stars in the 2009 TV megahit drama Boys Over Flowers. In addition, the five members take turns to DJ the radio show SS501's Music High.

SS501 has flown to Hawaii to shoot the group's first official Chinese photo book. The book shows readers the different characteristics and personalities of the five members. Besides the exotic pictures taken entirely in the Hawaiian scenery, the book also includes the members' own autobiographies, detailing from their childhood upbringing, life's happiness and woes, to what they think of love and themselves, their self expectations for the future, and their heartfelt feelings for the fans.

The photo book comes with one SS501 life-size poster (from a total of 5 versions) randomly packed in by the publisher.

Here are a few pictures from the photo book... they're really great pictures!

Credit: www.books.com.tw

P.S. I heard that there's going to be a fansigning event in Taiwan on October 18. Hmm... I wonder if it's true. Let's wait and find out! :)


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