The scene that greeted our boys in Taiwan Airport was overwhelming. A lot of fans have come to greet them. This just shows how popular SS501 is in Taiwan. I just feel bad about the fans that got hurt... I understand that the security were only doing their jobs, but those are fans that just want to see their idols. I'm sure the boys, especially Leader, feel really bad about their fans getting hurt. Watch the clip and see...


Video Uploader: shirbogurl21@YouTube

Holding their Asia Tour Concert, Korea Boyband SS501, arrived at Taiwan today. Other than fans from Thailand and Hong Kong whom have purposely flied over to chase their star, Taiwan fans also almost flooded the arrival hall of Taoyuan Airport, the situation was almost out of controlled.

Debut in 2005, SS501 has many fan in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. They has started their Asia Tour Concert since 1 August in Korea and following by that held their concert in Japan. Their 3rd stop is Taiwan. Scheduled to hold their concert on 17 October at Taipei Arena and following by that in Shanghai & Hong Kong.

SS501 took the afternoon flight to Taoyuan Airport. Before coming down from the plane, the airport control area already had around 20 over fans from Hong Kong and Thailand, waiting with their luggage, just to see their idol.

In order to control order, Securities guards of SS501 made a big move and pushed 2 fans until they fell down at the airport arrival walk way. Other fans at the restricted area was frantically chasing after them until check out. Giving gifts, asking for autographs, causing SS501 check out time to lengthen.

When their idol appear at the arrival hall, fans waiting around started to shout and shriek. SS501 members smile and wave to them. Along the way, fans were shrieking, pushing the emotion to the highest point, and the scene was almost uncontrollable. Airport police has to specially assign manpower to maintain order. Only until SS501 members departed by car, then all these fans gradually disperse.

In order to attract the attention of their idol, 2 Taiwan fans wore Korea transitional costume. There are some who had waited at the arrival hall 1 or 2 days ago. A girl who specially flied in from Hong Kong mentioned: " just to chase after star, including air ticket, concert ticket and lodging, she spend around NT20,000 (~USD623), but still felt that it is worthwhile.

Credit: CNA TW + (English translation)
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