SS501 arrive in Taiwan on 15 October. To hold concert in Saturday. Use Fried Chicken and Soft Drinks to replenish strength

To fulfill their promise to fans when visiting Taiwan during end June, SS501 finally going to hold their concert in Taipei Arena on 17 October (Saturday). Having their concert in Taiwan for the first time, the 5 members and their Korea management company put in extra attention. Starting from 12 October, staff from Korea had already reached Taiwan. After this, gradually, a total of 50 Korea staff will be arriving in Taiwan for concert preparation. Returning to Taiwan again, SS501's special request on diet is actually to prepare instant noodle, during rehearsal and resting meal time, they only hope to have fried chicken or packed meal, and also soft drinks to drink only, they could be rated as one of the easiest visiting Taiwan artist to serve.

Recently, the 5 members have been continuously practicing and rehearsing for the 'SS501 Asia Tour Persona 2009 Taiwan Concert'. Member Park Jung Min revealed during interview, in order to communicate in mandarin with the fans, he is learning mandarin diligently and memorizing mandarin song. Having a flare in language, he has been staying in Japan for a long period, therefore is very strong in Japanese. However, learning mandarin for the first time baffled him completely. Park JungMin laughed and mentioned that he hope Taiwan fans will be able to understand the mandarin that he speaks, it will be embarrassing if drying up on stage.

Taiwan fans are very lucky! Apart from the '2009 Solo Collection' which was released in August, which individual members showed their solo ability, SS501 is going to release a mini album 'Rebirth' at end October. In this album, all 5 members will join hands to show their charm. New album cover unveil in a dreamy atmosphere, thick smoky make-up to represent their transformation into male masculinity and maturity, totally contrary to their usual sunny boy image, hoping to give the fans a brand new feel.

In order to repay to Taiwan fan's love to SS501, Warner Music will start pre-ordering for SS501 latest mini album 'Rebirth' from 16 October, and also released:

A version: Taiwan Limited Edition, bundled with limited free gift: Superstar File Holder
- Brand new Korea Mini Album CD + Chinese Subbed DVD
- Chinese subbed Music MV for the latest song
- Latest Music MV behind the scene video clips
- Korea latest promotion clip

B version: Taiwan Limited Edition, with limited edition free gift: New Image Poster
- Brand new Korea Mini Album CD
- Include Superstar File Holder

Other than free limited edition gifts when pre-ordering, starting from 16 October, during the pre-ordering period of 'Rebirth', when buying A or B version album, when purchase together with 'SS501 Grateful Days Thanks for... 2008 Japan Tour Concert 2DVD', will get additional free gift of SS501 100cm x 60cm latest Year Calender poster.

Taiwan Warner Music also obtained pre-approval from Korea management company, the original imported Mini album 'Rebirth' worldwide limited edition to be released in Taiwan, the contents include:
- Special packaging
- 100 pages latest photobook flip book
- Latest poster

Credit: Warner Music Taiwan + (English translation)
Please repost with full credits.

Fried chicken and softdrinks??? LOL. They're so down to earth. That's one of the best things about them. They don't demand for star treatment, and they don't see themselves as the BIG STARS that they are, they're just THEMSELVES. Awww... gotta love 'em! I hope they never change.


Anonymous said...

"they could be rated as one of the easiest visiting Taiwan artist to serve" - really down to earth and not big-headed compare to other k-pop artist.

I remember when they're in Japan, they love to eat noodles instead. Jung Min has this favorite noodle restaurant, which customers eats while standing. During WGM, when HwangBo visits Leader in Japan, they're not picky and just contented with noodles, egg rolls and chicken. Chicken and Noodles are their favorites esp YS.

Cris Alisasis said...

Taiwan is lucky! Enjoy the concert Triple S Taiwan! <3

and hurray to Fried Chicken, Instant Noodles & Softdrinks!!! ^-^

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