[News] SS501 New Style Fascinated Fans

Man with thicker and stronger make-up actually has a different kind of charm. Making use of thicker eye liner to make the eye sight sharper, this type of make up technique is currently popular smoky (Goth) make-up. Male artists have started to use this type of make-up to attract public attention.

Boy group SS501 and also Big Bang's G-dragon and other male artists are the representative for smoky make-up. Recently SS501 is going to release their mini album 'Rebirth', they released an indifferent cover design of this mini album yesterday.

In the photograph, we can see a dreamy atmosphere in the picture, the members who wore thick smoky make-up exude an entirely different sexy masculinity. Their management company mentioned, after the long wait of 1 year 7 month, SS501 hope to present to all a new reborn image, and want to transform from their original image of child-like cute teenage group.

Some groups have used thick make-up to emphasize the so called 'male beauty' since debut, for example the new 5 male group which is discovered by Rain, they also debut in this style, using dark colour styling to emphasize the group's direction. Other than using thick make-up, thick eye make-up is also used to emphasize its effect; some even emphasize their mustache, to show their maturity.

Related personnel in this circle pointed out that: "If costumes and accessories could not breakthrough the visual effect, then smoky make-up is most effective." Most artists are willing to make the image change. However, the biggest issue is not whether it would looked good or not, but the focus is how to educate the general public's positive acceptance towards male with thick make-up, this should be the most important subject currently.

Credits: Sports Hankook + SS601 + (Chinese translation) julieann@hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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Personally, I believe that whatever type of makeup the boys will have on, they are still gorgeous! This is a new image for them and it just goes with their album title, "Rebirth". I'm so looking forward to what the album has in store for us. More individual pics to look forward to. Bring 'em on!!! :)


Karren168 said...

I'm not really liking this Goth look or heavy eye make-up on SS501 (that's why i'm not a fan of other male or female artists using heavy make-up even if some say this is the trend now)... though SS501 may look good with it, i think SS501 still look much better with just a light make-up... this way I can still "see" SS501's real faces & they look much more manly for me... they have changed their looks/image many times over the years but this is my least favorite so far... anyways, no matter what I'm still gonna support SS501 : )

phtriples said...

glad that you're a loyal triple s fan! :) i hope this doesn't affect our decisions to buy their album. let's support "REBIRTH"! i think this is just for their new album theme. anyway, we will still be seeing their handsome faces without that goth makeup. ;)

Cris Alisasis said...

When I first saw SS501's photo for "Rebirth", I didn't really know how to react... I've been in the gothic subculture for 10 years of my life. I used to admire men who CAN wear make-up, and still retain the aura of masculinity in them. I'm not saying that I am trying to veer away from my former interest... but let's just say I've learned to expand my taste in music... in what is aesthetically pleasing to me... In short, I've started to show interest in things (and men haha!) that are "cute". ^-^ When I saw SS501 sporting suits & smoky eye make-up, I thought, "Are these the same cute SS501 boys?" ...Do I like it? Do I not? For a new album theme... Yes, I like it. But not for something that I'd want to see them everyday in, which is of course far from happening... Because this whole new thing is just all for the "show". Come on people, we all know what they really are in real life... ^-^

Every artist needs to progress... They can't keep on doing the same thing over & over again. Eventually, they will have to dive into something fresh, to make them "new" again, thus the title of their upcoming new album, "Rebirth". The appearance of an artist is very essential. This will help them catch more attention. As Teresa Herrera said on Project Runway, "Fashion & Music are inseparable"... I just hope this whole new look will also come with a whole, if not, slightly new sound, which we will all still love. ^-^

I am supporting SS501 all the way... Just like how I supported the other artists that I love, no matter where music & fashion will take them. <3

I'm sorry if I wrote too much. LOL!

phtriples said...

Cris! hey, you don't have to say sorry for saying what you have to say girl! I appreciate your thoughts. And you're absolutely right! I couldn't have said it better. ;) I agree with you that artists need to grow and show progression in their career, else, they will be boring and stagnant.

Fans have divided reactions to the new "gothic look", but just like you said, it's just for the album, and I really admire the effort and work they've put in it. We should all support these boys because they're working their butts off to make us all happy. So whatever issues we may have in their new album image, let's put them aside, and just support them all the way! Are you guys with me? Fighting!

Anonymous said...

Their new look perfectly matches their theme REBIRTH. I love it, they're totally different. I haven't notice them at the start (except for YS).

I agree with Cris, they need to grow up. And of course, it's for the theme REBIRTH.

Anonymous said...

Love them new style....^_^

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