I feel bad that SS501 didn't win in Music Bank yesterday. Instead, Shinee won for their song Ring Ding Dong. And SS501 just came in 2nd place. I just don't get it! Love Like This is undoubtedly the BEST song by far! And their performance is BETTER! I've noticed that SM Entertainment artists are leading most voting polls and are dominating the charts. This is really BAD for our boys! I don't know if it's in the promotions of the managing companies, maybe SM Entertainment have more marketing strategies than DSP, or maybe their artists have more voting fans? I don't know. :( It just sucks! But win or lose, SS501 are still winners in the hearts of every Triple S. I just really wanna see them win...

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Credits: PEACE


Cris Alisasis said...

Win or Lose... they're the best for me. A person/group's talent level is not based on popularity or voting... It's how they give you quality & original music. ^___^

phtriples said...

yeah, you're right cris! ss501 is still the best for us, win or lose... although they really deserve to win! i guess I just want to see Baby's reaction again when they win. I miss seeing him cry. wahahaha! ^_^

Haley_Manh said...

hi.thank for a nice post.^^.well, this is the best "Love like this" performance I've ever seen. I love their songs, their outfits and this day their voices are TOTALLY excellent. I feel sorry 'cause SS501 didn't win,but just a little bit.'cause they are definitely good.DSP's promoting project is not as good as SM'one, and I heard that they had a "0" in a field cause this was a comeback stage,even though their album sale is more than the other artist...etc(I really think that go to 2nd place is good for a comeback stage performance.^^).but no matter what happen, I will support them 4ever.^^.

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