October 31, 2009

SS501 Power Tattoo Getups

SS501, Power tattoo? … 뮤비 ‘Tattoo’ Costume


SS501 members of the five people released mini-album, ‘REBIRTH’ after 1 year, 7 months on October 4th. The release of the title track ‘Love Like This) was on Mnet chart Number 1.

Thanks to the high popularity of showcase music videos and music video of the title track. The five members of SS501 power costumes are designed by Embioh’s Creative director Han Sang Hyeok (Creative Director).


SS501 Mini Album ‘REBIRTH’ in terms of the vocals and music, even more mature than the existing album. Title track ‘Love Like This (for you,) is mixed by Ken Lewis in the United States who is the 6 Grammy prize-winning song mix engineer for Usher, John Legend, directly raised completeness.


SS501 is ‘Love Like This (for you,)’ music video, presented further for highlighted sexy with a strong charisma and masculine sides. Embioh’s power Creative director Han Sang Hyeok (Creative Director) has designed a collection of Tattoo (Tattoo Collection). In the incident when members wearing them was given a mature appearance.


Trendy casual brand of Cheil Industries embioh (MVIO) last October 16 in Seoul Fashion Week ‘10 SS introduced a collection of costumes, ‘Tattoo Innerwear (It looks like a tattoo effect Innerwear). The concept is a classic White & Black suite, and best suit the member of SS501 emphasis on male attraction.

Embioh’s creative director Han Sang Hyeok (Creative Director) has designed a collection of Tattoo (Tattoo Collection) wearing emphasis on a strong charisma of SS501. The collection will be featured in the title track ‘Love Like This (for you,) music video.

[SS501 wearing Creative director Han Sang Hyeok (Creative Director) has designed a collection of tattoos. Photo courtesy of Cheil Industries =]

Credits: namanwoo naw@mydaily.co.kr + (English Translation) ss501fighting


In my opinion, our boys look good and will always look good regardless of what they wear. Do you guys agree??? Of course you do. Hehe. But just for the record, are you digging their tattooed getups?


Cris Alisasis said...

Honestly? No... For me, it's either you get a real tattoo, or just leave it clean.

phtriples said...

haha, yeah... it's a case of hate it or love it with their costumes. but the boys... WE LOVE THEM no matter what they wear!!! :P

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