The Fan Meeting was held on 24th October at Seoul, Melon AX. On this very day, SS501 had their first comeback broadcast on MBC 「Show!Music Core」. After the broadcast, the members rushed to the Fan Meeting venue. But first, they had a meal. ^^ They ate the delicious looking Bimbibap.

From 19:00 ~. They started with their title song 「Love like this」from their new release album, 『REBIRTH』. The boys with their individual characteristics and the Fan Meeting went on in a friendly atmosphere. What was most surprising was a word from Kyu Jong saying that he like 「Basketball」and started the ball shooting competition. Young Saeng shot in continuously and became the winner out of the 5. This surprised all the staff. He had mentioned that he like playing game but in fact he had proven that he is really good in basketball!

Following next is the game「Own Preference Ranking」. 1 member will read a question and decide himself the ranking of the members from 1st ~ 5th. Through this game, we are able to catch a glimpse of the usual self of each member. Everyone present enjoyed it. One of the questions that leader had selected, 「Who is the most miserly?」, he had selected Jung Min as the 1st and Hyung Joon as the second. The rest doesn’t have much difference. The reason for choosing Jung Min as the first is because 「In his wallet, he has a lot of coupons and he is always accumulating it. Eg. Upon getting 10points getting 1 free」and this caused everyone having a good laugh. But Jung Min protest with all his might explaining 「I’m not a miser, I’m just being thrifty~!!」

They sang 「Love Like This」 first and then sang 「Only One Day」. They also sang 「Again」 in Japanese. Lastly, they ended their song with 「P.E.A」 which they had presented during their concert at Budoukan. Of course they did not forget the encore where they sang 「A Song Calling For You」, enjoying with the fans singing and dancing on the stage.

Thereafter there is the group photo taking and the Japan Fan Meeting In Seoul ended.

Thank you very much to those who had joined this event! Thank you to those who rushed to support the comeback and also to everyone who supported from Japan!

Credit: DSP Japan + (English translation) miyo @ SgTripleS

Repost with full credit only.

I actually thought that this fanmeet was canceled because there was no news about it. But I guess it was able to go through. I wonder why there aren't any fancams from this even. Anyhow, Japan fans are so lucky!


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