Hurray!!! Another brilliant performance from our boys! I actually liked their performance yesterday in Music Core better, but still, they delivered it great! Way to go guys!!! You did great! I know there will always be critics out there who will say negative comments and stuff, and we respect their criticisms, but know that Triple S will always be behind you guys every step of the way. Can't wait to hear you sing the rest of your songs in the album!

Video Uploader: Hurmutube@YouTube



Credits: PEACE + as tagged in pics

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Kim Yumi said...

did you know that while they are performing love like this they also spell love... i just found that out...haha check it out.. around 2:32 kyu starts the L

phtriples said...

haha, yes kim yumi. they spell out LOVE using their hands every time the chorus starts. i tried it on my hands, it's kind hard! hehe.

Mikai said...

kate the video was removed ouch

phtriples said...

hi mikai! i already replaced the video. :) thanks for the heads up!

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