MTV 'Japan Korea Pop Music Craze' filming Weekly Record - 2009.10.15 Exclusive interview with SS501
(Broadcast date: 28 ~ 30 October 10.30pm)

Korea popular boy band SS501 finally held their concert in Taiwan!
Upon arrival on 15 October, they had been frantically chased by their fans.
Some Hong Kong fans even flew to Taiwan purposely, just to attend their concert in Taipei Arena on 17 October.

Apart from their previous visit to Taiwan, half a year was not past yet. Returning again to Taiwan and going onto the stage of Taipei Arena, they prepared to give their fans a glamorous and special concert.

The schedule for their concert this time, all members had made full used of the time to concentrate on rehearsal. SS501 who had not arranged for any other schedule, specially give their exclusive interview for MTV music channel 'Japan Korea Pop Music Craze' program.

Wonderful and interesting interview, you could only see the most friendly and personal side in 'Japan Korea Pop Music Craze'!

In the program, SS501 and MC Ken Wu chatted about their feeling of returning to Taiwan. As leader Kim HyunJoong had just recovered from his illness, being able to make it to participate in the Taiwan concert , he was also in full anticipation of this special concert.

Member JungMin, felt extremely happy upon arrival, when seen the uniquely designed placard made by fans.

They were happy to meet again with the MC of 'Japan Korea Pop Music Craze' Ken Wu.
They were full of expression when answering questions. For many times, they even fight to answer, they were extremely easy going.

As SS501 had requested for preparation from instant noodle and soft drinks when returning to Taiwan, 'Japan Korea Pop Music Craze' production team specially prepared traditional marble soft drinks for them to taste the traditional local soft drinks in Taiwan.

All 5 members upon seeing this special soft drink, were extremely happy, especially JungMin, tried to open the bottle immediately, wanting to taste this special soft drinks.

MC Ken Wu explained the difference of this Marble soft drink and the special way of opening it. Leader Kim HyunJoong even finished the whole bottle of soft drink in one shot!

Also, the production team also specially invited Tarot card guru to read their recent fortune.
Having much interest in tarot card, they kept asking questions non stop.

Tarot guru explained that SS501's new album will increase their popularity and their income. Of course member Heo YoungSaeng's wish for a girl friend, due to his busy schedule, will temporary have no chance. Feeling disappointed, he even wanted to pick one more tarot card, hoping the change the answer!!!

In the exclusive interview which lasted for 30 mins, SS501 not only specially sung a few verse from their new songs, but also played tongue twister game together with MC Ken Wu.

Wish to listen to the new song sung by SS501 beautiful voice? Wish to know what other personal information had the members revealed?

This interesting interview will be shown in MTV 'Japan Korea Pop Music Craze', please do not miss this exclusive interview.

The exclusive interview and backstage report will be shown from 28 October to 30 October consecutively for 3 days. It will be a pity if you miss this.....

Credit: + SS601 + (English translation)
Please repost with full credits. Do not hotlink graphics.

I wish I could see this broadcast! Should be fun!


Anonymous said...

In what channel

Cris Alisasis said...

this is MTV Taiwan right?

phtriples said...

yep cris, it's MTV Taiwan... but i don't know what channel it will be broadcasted... i guess we'll just have to wait for the subbed version in youtube.:)

sylvia said...

Thank you for your nice post.I have visited lot of post.I haven't see this type of post.


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