10/18 [News] SS501, Taiwan's Best Hallyu Star...12,000 Enthusiastic Fans


This was the time that Taiwan’s best Hallyu star was born.

Idol group SS501 (Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Park Jung Min, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Joon) held their first ever concert in Taiwan, ‘Persona in Taipei’ on 17-Oct, 7.30pm (local time) at Taipei Super Arena, attracting no less than 12,000 fans.

The concert organizers explained that there are only a handful of singers who are able to fill up such a huge concert venue like this one. This is the most huge scale concert held in the recent 3 years.

The concert started with hit song ‘Déjà vu’. The stage extended out like the word “field” (in Chinese), the 5 members appeared from behind the stage and enthusiastic fans cheered in return. Following up, SS501 sang ‘Unlock’ and stood on the extended stage where the fans’ cheering became even louder.

After singing two songs consecutively, SS501 stopped to catch up on their breath and said each of their greetings to the Taiwan fans in Chinese. With the venue packed with fans’ cheers, SS501 expressed their happiness on their faces. Kim KyuJong said “When we came to Taiwan in June for the fan meeting we asked for everyone to come to our concert, and so I am really grateful that you really came for this.”

SS501 continued singing ‘Warning’, ‘4 Chance’, ‘Song Calling For You’ pushing the atmosphere even higher. They also put up sentimental performance with ballad song ‘Never Again’, ‘Because I am Stupid’. Wearing sleek suits, they performed ‘U R Man’ and ‘Fighter’ with masculine appeal.

SS501 members’ solo performance showed each of their own charisma making the audience go wild.

With the screen showing magnae Kim HyungJoon transformed into a playboy, he appeared performing his solo song ‘Hey G’. Kim KyuJong displayed his singing skills with ‘Never Let You Go’ and continued to perform ‘Wuss Up’.

Park JungMin’s solo performance is the most unique. Because he sang a Chinese song ‘Tian mi mi’ in Chinese language. The fans sang along with Park JungMin. Park JungMin also sang his solo song ‘Is it only me?’.

Heo YoungSaeng displayed his singing ability with ballad song ‘Memory without Name’. Wearing a blue suit, fans changed their glowstick into blue colored glowsticks for Heo YoungSaeng, and cheered for him.

Leader Kim HyunJoong’s performance is indeed, the most powerful. With the video showing his exposed upper body, Kim HyunJoong appeared on stage with his solo song ‘Please be nice to me’ and exposed his upper body, surprising the fans who cheered wildly.

5 members came on stage again and sang ‘Crazy4U’ and ‘Only One Day’.

They followed by singing ‘Green Peas’ which is a new song specially for their fans, and their title song ‘Love like this’, finishing their passionate performance.

However, with the continuous chants of encore by their 12,000 fans, SS501 was drawn back onto the stage again.

SS501 then sang 3 more songs, ‘Coward’, ‘ByeBye’, ‘You’re my heaven’, ending their 3 hours concert.

The loud cheering by Taiwan fans were beyond what SS501 have in mind. On stage, SS501 said “We were surprised because the enthusiasm is very high. Taiwan is the 3rd country of our Asia Tour concert and Taiwan’s enthusiasm is the highest. The next time we come back to Taiwan, we will see everyone in a concert venue 10 times bigger than this one.”

They also said “Even though we felt this every time during our concert, the cheering from everyone is the biggest strength to us. Thank you.”

SS501 utilized the huge protruding stage, making all 12,000 fans satisfied.

Taiwan fan LiuXing (30) expressed her afterthoughts on this concert, “The performance is exciting and enjoyable. Kim HyunJoong is very handsome when he exposed his upper body.”


The ticket pricing for this concert ranges from NTD2,400 to NTD4,500. About 90,000won to 180,000won in our currency. Though the ticket prices are not cheap, Taiwan fans have filled up the large concert venue.

Parts of the proceeds from this concert will be donated to victims of Typhoon Morakat in Kaohsiung Taiwan.

With 5 years of debut, SS501 is currently having their Asia Tour concert in Asia region. They held their concert in Korea and Japan in August, and today in Taiwan in October, they will also hold concert in China, HongKong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

DSP Media also said that they are planning to have concert in PHILIPPINES and Indonesia.

Credits : omj@cbs.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Thank you to xiaochu for translating this wonderful piece of news! My heart is really beating fast right about now. All this time, we're hoping that SS501 will consider the Philippines as one of their stops for the Persona Concert Tour, and now it's actually slowly becoming a reality. Aaaaahhh! I'm so excited! Triple S Philippines, our efforts might be rewarded soon! I wish they would push through with their plans. DSP!!! Please bring them here!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope this will push through. I think if they know that there are a lot of fans here they will definitely consider.

min05 said...

i hope i already found a job before they come here to our country..T_T
i will definitely go to manila to watch their concert..thanks for the news..it really made my day and inspire me to fimd a job asap..hehe

Cris Alisasis said...

kyaaaaaaa!!!!! <3 <3 <3

phtriples said...

This news totally made my day too! I'm so excited! If they are indeed coming to the Philippines, I won't have to go to Singapore anymore. Guys, let's help pave their way here by buying their albums once they're released here in the Philippines. They should be out within this month, so be sure to buy! I think when the albums are sold out here, that would seal the deal for them. That would finalize the decision for a possible concert. So please SUPPORT!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I was jumping when I heard the news! whoa~ is this really true or am i dreaming?? hehe so excited!!! let's request songs at MYX so many Pinoys will know about them....

mcn said...

wow, thanks for this great news..okay, I'll buy their albums there instead of here in SG..:)

and yeah, I will definitely fly back to Manila just for their concert! oh my, I can't wait! :)

elen said...

wow! that's great news..omg!!! aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! im really happy seeing them in person...i want to shout loudddddd!! thanks for making this blog... mmuuuaahhh!!!

phtriples said...

i can feel your excitement guys, i feel excited too. I just hope they decide to visit the Philippines. I hope the Philippines is their last stop for Persona. :)

Anonymous said...

i hope this pushes through!!!!! i can't wait to watch ss501 live!!!!!

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