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규종 : 다녀왔어요! 우하하 (2009-10-18 오후 9:08:04)

안녕안녕하세요! 멋지게 공연 잘 마치구

우리 다섯명 돌아왔어요!!

역시..무대는 즐거워요..맘도편하고 신나고..히히

음음..그런 재미있는 새로운 무대가 얼마 안남았네요!

빨리빨리 다들 만나고싶네요!

완두콩 이쁜이들!! 곧 보자~~~ 난 간다 !! ㅎㅎ

^^ 24/7 from monday to sunday night 우리와 함께 행복할꺼야 ~ ★

English Translation:

Kyu Jong: We are back! Ahahaha (2009.10.18 9:08:04pm)

Hello! Hello! Charmingly completed our performance, 5 of us are back!!

Indeed.... it was very happy to stand on stage..... and also very contented and excited.... hehe....

The time to stand on the meaningful new stage is drawing near!

Wish to see everybody soon ah! All the peas, little cuties! See you soon oh~~~ I am coming!! Hehe ^^

24/7 from Monday to Sunday night will become happy together with us~★

Credit: DSP website + (Chinese translation) 卡君@ http://www.ss501spv.com + TripleS.tw + (English translation)SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credits.

Another thoughtful message from our sweet Kyu Jong. I can't help but smile while I was reading his note. He's such a sweetie. I can just imagine him smiling while he was writing this. Aww, thanks Kyu Jongie!


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