Triple S,

Here's a very important survey related to a possible SS501 event in the Philippines. This survey came from those people who might bring the boys here in the Philippines for a concert, so please take time to answer it. If you know of other people who would/might be interested in seeing the boys here... please give them the link. We need as many people as possible to answer this. Visit the link below:


Respondents would be given priority when the event pushes through. THANKS!!!


Please give full credits when reposting.


Anonymous said...

I took the survey ;)

Anonymous said...

done the survey.. i did an honest answer for the first time! hahaha

mcn said...

done! it was also my first to seriously read and answer each question wholeheartedly..hihi! :)

Karren168 said...

I'm not really comfortable answering most of the questions... majority of the questions are not related at all re our strong "desire" to see SS501 in concert here in the Philippines... this "survey" really seems very questionable... so unlike the other surveys we've done here... :(

Cris Alisasis said...

same as karren168, i was a little suspicious with the first set of questions. but i answered it anyways... i hope i'm not taking too much risk. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen and Chris,

I feel the need to answer your comments since I'm the one who asked Kate to post this survey.

First of all, this survey came from the group who's working on bringing SS501 here. It is clearly indicated in the survey that respondents would be given priority when the event materialized...thus the need for your contact info or atleast your email address. They would contact you through email or phone before they release the tickets to the public. Some questions are optional...if you don't feel like answering it just leave it blank.

Also, the survey is just to get the general profile of SS501 fans here in the what's the age group of the fans, how much can they afford for a concert, what are the things they're interested in, things that would help them market the event so to speak. As you know, SS501 is just starting to make a name here, so it's really hard for promoters to gauge the marketability of the event.

Lastly, we directly communicate with the group who's planning or might bring them here. We know them personally and they're not bogus. 3 SS501 Albums, Deja Vu, Find and Super Hits would be released within this week or early next week by Warner Music Philippines. Song calling for you will be played in MYX anytime soon, and it's all thanks to them for talking to Warner about preparation for this possible SS501 event.

We need all the support of Triple S, Hyunnies, BOF fans, JoongBo fans to make this event possible! We're so close to making our dream possible, so please pray hard and cooperate

--ZaiEms (TSPH Staff)

Anonymous said...

Me too! I'm a bit apprehensive at first because so many fraud nowadays. But anyway I answered as much as I could. Thank God! ZaiEms put my mind at rest.I hope this survey will get our hearts desire, that SS501 will hold a concert here in our country. Good luck to us triple S Philippines!

Karren168 said...

Hi ZaiEms! Karren here... thanks a lot for addresing my concerns... now that i know the survey was coursed through you (TSPH) i feel relieved... I answered it anyways... thanks again : )

phtriples said...

thanks for answering the survey guys! also, if you could help in spreading the link. let's all help in every way we can! go go go! aja aja! fighting! :)

mcn said...

hi! not sure if there will be a problem. i answered the survey already although i am based in SG..but will surely fly off to Manila if the concert will push through.

hopefully mine's valid. :)

elen said...

i already answered the survey...hoping that the concert will push through...thanks for this nice blog..mmuuaahh!

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