Korea popular idol group SS501 depart from Taiwan today afternoon. Big crowds of fans came to send them off, causing the departure hall to be fully packed. When SS501 members were going into the immigration, their fans saw their idol and frantically chased and pushed, some were pushed until fell down and almost caused some mishap.

SS501 held their concert in Taipei Arena on 17 October, around 11,000 people had attended the concert. Fans were very happy, some even came from Hong Kong, Thailand and other countries to see their idol.

After successfully held their concert in Taiwan, SS501 depart to Seoul today, but around few hundreds fans do not willing to give up, started to wait at Taiyuan airport since this afternoon, all the fans were queued into 2 long queues.

Subsequently, when SS501 got off from their transport, all fans started to shout non-stopped. After pushing and shoving through the crowds for a while, SS501 body guard even shoved the media reporters and almost started some conflicts. Their fans were very passionate, in order to pass their present and also see their idol, they even broke through the security barrier. During the chaos, some had fell down, some dropped their shoes, the entire situation was very chaotic.

Finally, under the protection of the body guard, SS501 member successfully went into the immigration area and went straight to the VIP waiting area to wait for their flight. Only then, the fans in the departure hall dispersed off.

Credits: CNA News + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Repost only with full credits.

Here's a couple of fancams upon arrival at Incheon Airport...

Video Uploader: shirbogurl21@YouTube

Video credits: www.kangsun19.com + 안녕규♡@SS601

And here are some pics from the airport...

Credits: as tagged on pics

Leader Hyun Joong left earlier for Korea in the morning of October 18, because he had other appointments. Here's a fancam of him with his manager in the airport. He looks tired!!! Poor Leader.
Video Uploader: show913164@YouTube


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