SS501 "Lacking of 1 member", 1000 fans sent them off at Taiwan aiport

SS501 returned to Korea on 18 October (Sunday) with 1000 fans swarming the airport to send them off, including 60 Korean, Japanese and Hong Kong fans who crossed the immigration gates with them. Some Korean fans even took the same plane with them back to Korea.

But SS501 was "lacking of 1 member", with Kim Hyun Joong having gone back to Seoul earlier due to work.

After the concert on 17 October, SS501 and their staff headed to "Longevity" Korean Restaurant to celebrate the successful completion of the concert. All members of SS501 gave the Taiwanese fans 100 marks (for their enthusiasm).

They also 'lifted the ban on alcohol' and were offering toasts all around. Member Park Jung Min was so high (on alcohol) that he sang "Tian Mi Mi" again (the mandarin song he sang at the concert) to thank the staff.

Following the Taiwan concert, they will be heading to places like Hong Kong for more concert performances.

Leader Kim Hyun Joong returned to Seoul at 5 a.m. on 18 October due to work commitments. Many fans realized the "Lacking of 1" situation and thought that Kim Hyun Joong decided to remain in Taiwan for holiday. The moment SS501 arrived at the airport, screams of fans resounded the whole area. Their body guards, reporters and fans were involved in a lot of pushing and shoving.

The fans pushed their way through and to give presents to SS501, even their managers' hands were filled with gifts, many fans risked falling just to catch another glimpse of their idols. SS501's departure at the airport was like a red carpet event with fans surrounding them on both sides. Though it was difficult of them to move with the crowd, they still turned to waved goodbye to their fans before leaving.

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