October 19, 2009

Why Just A Mini-Album?!

Here are more news about the swindling that SS501 unfortunately experienced, and also the reason why REBIRTH was turned into a mini-album instead to the disappointment of fans. Read on...

[News] Swindle during preparation of New Album. SS501 Leader lost 8 million

After 1 year 7 month, finally going to release their album on 20 October, SS501 recently revealed that during production of the album they were swindled by a Korean composer.

Their company DSP expressed: "During the production of this album, they were caught in a swindle case. During the recording process, the song was always being requested to alter, and has huge difference from the original song, they started to suspect, and after investigation found out that it was stolen from one renown composer. In order not to be exposed, he made the modification. Of which, there's even copyright work from America singer Timbaland." "Coincidentally, the members heard one of the song on flight and it sounded like the song which they recorded. If they really included the song into the album, it will be consider 100% plagiarism."

There company also revealed: "As his company had insufficient fund, and Kim Hyun Joong thought that the song was not bad, so as a leader, he paid on his own accord 8 million won (~USD6750) production fee.

Member Kim Hyung Joon mentioned: "He is a brother whom we had known and work through thick and thin since 'UR Man', it never came to us that he will swindle us. In future, don't know whether what type of new singers would fall into his trap. He had once told us that our senior Rain's Rainism activities making film was his work, only after that then we realized it were all fabricated."

Kim Hyun Joong mentioned: "Because of this, the album production time was longer than schedule, although we wish to meet with the fans earlier, however we had never predict such things will happen, the original official album had to be shrunk down into a mini album. In order to not incurred even more lost, we requested other composer and obtain very nice songs, it is considered a blessing in disguise."

Credit: SPN + (Chinese translation) Elsa菜@doubles501.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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[News] SS501 was almost deceived by one of the song writer in Korea

SS501 was almost using anti-copyrighted song because of deception by some song writer.

SS501 will comeback with their new mini Album “REBIRTH” on the 20th. However, they was almost deceived by one of the Korea song writer HAN.

Because during the recording of the album, one of the song was always changing, management company felt very strange. So they went into investigation. Finally, the company found out that this song writer stole the melody from some famous foreign song. One of the song is copyrighted by America famous singer Timothy.

The company also said ” Because the company’s budget is not enough, SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong thought that the song is very good, so he had volunteer to give this song writer about eight million won before. “

Kim Hyun Joong said” Because the making of this album is taking more time than expected, I want to finish as early as possible. However, because of this sudden accident, the full album is now changed to mini album. At least at the end, we haven’t use the copyrighted song from other good song writer. I think this is lucky enough for us.”

SS501 new mini album special edition will be released on the 20th and the normal edition on the 22th. Before the official release date, the mini album is already pre-ordered over 30 thousand records from regular CD shop to selling website on the 14th. The result is just explosive.

Credits: http://artsnews.media.paran.com/ + (Chinese Translation) Pea village + (English Translation) SS501fighting
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[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong most difficult time during influenza was quarantined alone

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong revealed that the most difficult time when he contracted influenza was to be quarantined alone.

They held their 1st Taiwan Concert, named 'Persona' at October 17, 7.40pm (Seoul time), in Taipei Arena.

During the pre-concert press conference, Kim Hyun Joong revealed his painful memories when he was confirmed contracted AH1N1. He mentioned, "Currently I have already fully recovered. During that time, the most painful moment was to be quarantined alone in a room.", "During that time the fever went up to 39.5 degrees, and was coupled with diarrhea, cough, runny nose and other symptoms"

He continued saying: "As I was having medical treatment in Japan, it was easier to obtain treatment medicine, I was considered very lucky."

He jokingly said: "I heard that once contracted with AH1N1, you would not be contracted again. Comparing to other members, I felt more comfortable in having the Asia tour."

Heard from another member Park Jung Min: "When Hyun Joong was having his medication in Japan, we were given stringent medical check in hospital once we returned to Seoul." He continued to say: "Because of Hyun Joong, we were worried whether this album would be a last record."

During this press conference, SS501 mentioned that their new mini album 'Rebirth' album went into a plagiarism case.

'Rebirth' was originally scheduled to release on August, however during the production process, they were swindled by a Korean composer, their most powerful song and most possible theme song was actually stolen from an oversea song.

Park Jung Min said: "After the Japan concert, in the return flight, Hyung Joon heard a song which had exactly same rhythm as the main theme song, then we realized about this." "Other than this song, the other few songs also was suspected for plagiarism, therefore this album was changed to a mini album."

Credit: SS601 + (Chinese translation)紫色@www.hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

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