Wow! SS501 new songs from the REBIRTH album are ranking high in various Korean Music Charts! I'm so happy!!! I hope this continues! I'm not really sure how music charts work, whether they're reflected from album sales, requests, or other factors. Nevertheless, seeing our boys' songs ranking on top is a very good indication that people are digging their new tunes! Continue supporting SS501! Let's make their album No. 1 and their comeback successful!!!

MNET Chart

Other Music Charts: (싸이월드)

1. 149900% ★Love Like This (네게로) SS501
2. 99900% 눈물아 안녕 IVY
3. 24900% ★Just One Day (하루만) SS501
4. 21328% ★Green Peas (완.두.콩.) SS501
5. 16566% 보란듯이 IVY
6. 14900% ★Wasteland SS501
7. 14185% ★Obsess (중독…) SS501
8. 1913% 나에게 그대는 김동욱
9. 998% 어떡해 우주
10. 956% 왈칵 눈물이 (Feat. 간디-부.. 한효주)

Credits: various music charts +


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