I know we are all excited to see SS501's comeback on Friday at KBS Music Bank. I'm really excited to see them perform their new songs live. And then there's this news from allkpop...

SS501's comeback stage on the October 23rd episode of KBS Music Bank has been canceled.

Due to Game 6 of the Korean Pro Baseball Series, Music Bank has been canceled. This is nothing new as two of our other favorite music shows Inkigayo and Music Core have also been canceled in the past due to live broadcast of baseball games.

On the official KBS Music Bank website, it was stateed that the October 23rd episode has been replaced with "Korean Pro Baseball Series Game 6," and that performers who were scheduled for the 23rd will most likely perform on the 30th instead.
Source: allkpop

Anyway, this is just a minor setback guys! SS501 will still be performing on Music Core and Inkigayo on the 24th and 25th respectively (see schedule). So no worries! Here's the note from KBS site...

Source: http://kbbs.kbs.co.kr/board/message


marge0256 said...

what time ang music core and Inkigayo on sunday sa manila time? :)

phtriples said...

Hi Marge! for MBC Music Core on Oct 24, it's going to be 16:20 in the afternoon, and since Korea is one hour ahead of us, that would be around 3:20pm Manila Time. :)

As for Inkigayo, on the 25th, the time is 16:10, so that's roughly 3:10pm in Manila. :)

Do they air it here in our country? i'm not familiar with korean channels here. :) hehe.

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