Warner Music Philippines - To release SUPER HITS, FIND & DEJA VU on Monday, Oct. 26.

Warner Music Philippines, official distributor of SS501 albums in the country, will release 3 of SS501's Top albums in South East Asia, namely SUPER HITS, FIND & DEJA VU on Monday, October 26 in all high-end record bars in Metro Manila. All 3 albums come with a CD & DVD.

Also, we encourage the support of everyone so we can bring SS501 in the Philippines. Please help us in answering the survey below.


Credit: TripleSph.com
Triple S Philippines! Finally! Albums of our beloved SS501 are available now in our country! Guys, this is one step closer to having our boys come visit us here! If the album sales are high, DSP will definitely see that there's a market here in the Philippines, and who knows, they might decide to do the PERSONA concert here! So grab a copy of the album guys, let's show DSP that there are many Triple S here in the Philippines. Album units are limited, so buy your copy now! If you want to see SS501 here, we have to support their albums. We can do this guys! Who's with me?!


Anonymous said...

i'm with you kate..let's support them by buying their original album...thanks for posting...^^,

_min05 here_

Anonymous said...

i'm with you too! let's support them! fighting!

aZaLea said...

hi kate!..
thanks for posting dis one here..
can't wait for monday na.. mabu2tas n nman bulsa ko.. hehehe..
nweiz, anything for the boys.. wahaha.. ^_^
guys, let's all support ds 1.. and please, please.. original copies only!..

Anonymous said...

will the albums be available in the whole country? I'm in the province and I want to buy the albums too.

Gabby said...

I will buy all the 3 albums, will be included in my collections ^^ This will be a Christmas gift for myself..hehe PLEASE BUY ORIGINAL COPY guys, it's totally worth it! ^^

mcn said...

oh my, if albums are limited then i have a big problem..i can only buy when I go to Manila in December and i am not sure if there will be stocks left by that time..

anyone kind enough to buy for me and have it shipped here in Singapore? they actually have all the albums here but i want to help increase their sales there..cos I want them to perform there! :)

i am willing to pay for the shipping fee by all means.. :)

woah! i've never been supportive to any music group this much other than SS501! :)

reeze said...

will definitely buy these!!! i'm so excited! thanks for the updates ;D

phtriples said...

guys, TSPH is accepting orders. so if you're from the province (like me), you can place your orders at tripleSph.com. register to be a member. if you have inquiries you can email hyunzai.ems@gmail.com

thanks guys! let's buy all 3 albums! hehe! :)

Cris Alisasis said...

im all set! and waiting for monday. ^-^

Cris Alisasis said...

btw kate, hope you don't mind if i repost this at my multiply store, with proper credits of course. thanks! :)

akee said...

kate! :)

thank you for posting this information!<333 yayayy. :3

let's support ss501 all the way~:3


Anonymous said...

will the album be in Cebu?

phtriples said...

no, sorry... for now, the albums are only available in Metro Manila... if the sales are high, maybe they will consider branching out to provinces. but for now, only in manila. so buy your copy guys!

@cris: sure it's okay. post away! let's spread the good news to as many filipino fans as possible! :)

Cherylou said...

omg can't wait... but in SM stores here in manila is there going to be a stock there? please answer me :) thanks

phtriples said...

i think there will cherylou! check out odyssey. or other major record stores there. for more questions you can email hyunzai.ems@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

so where can we buy their album here in MINDANAO??

phtriples said...

i'm sorry but the albums are not available in the provinces. only on SM Astro Plus outlets... you can order at http://tsph.co.nr or let someone in manila buy for you :)

majoii said...

- naku nman !!! late ako sa news !!aisshh !!!!
magkano ang Korean Version ???
aishh !!
sayang!! baka naubusan na ako.. huhuhuhuh

pki sagot nman... please.. magkano??
baka mkahabol pa... ^^

phtriples said...

@majoii: CD's cost P650 each... check your local SM Astro Plus outlets if there are still copies available. And next week, check SM Odyssey outlets. :)

Clariza said...

P650 ang mahal nman...pero d bale papabili n lng ako sa mommy ko...hirap nman sa bulacan pa kc ko e...

Anonymous said...

Only in METRO MANILA are the albums available

Each ALBUM costs - 650 PESOS, Its already cheap!!! The Normal price for shipping the album to the philippines costs 22-24 DOLLARS - 1200+ PESOS ... So its worth the buy , and its IMPORTED not local ... It comes with the original jewel casing and is factory sealed ...

So Far , its ALL SOLD OUT !!!

Im from Cavite and Ive been to all outlets in Manila
and found THE LAST 2 COPIES!!! in Mall of Asia

Only FIND and DEJA VU were the last ... no more available ..

Hopefully ... Rebirth(Korean and Taiwanese version) will be released next year ..

PLS support ORIGINAL ! not pirated

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