AND THEY'RE BACK!!!!! SS501 rocked the house at Music Core on their first ever COMEBACK STAGE! They ended the show with a bang!!! Triple S went wild!!! Awesome job guys! SS501 fighting!!!

Video uploader: urasiansourceKpop@YouTube

If you want to watch the video in High Quality, CLICK HERE.

I am so psyched right now! Did you see the ENTRANCE?! Notice, they spelled out L-O-V-E in the INTRO. They're really the best!!! The camera kept on zooming in on Leader! Hyun Joong was so handsome, they're ALL SO HANDSOME!!! And I don't know if it was just me, but when the first performers were doing their numbers in Music Core, I swear I could hear the fans chanting Double S oh-gong-il even though SS501 is not on stage yet. Maybe it was just my imagination??! I also love how Triple S shouted back 'Hey Boy!' every time SS501 sang "Hey Girl!" Aaaah, I'm so happy for our boys. They DID IT! Way to go guys! WELCOME BACK! You are sorely missed!

Here are some screen shots from the show... click on images to ENLARGE.

^Credit: Baidu


LyN said...

im not sure if u notice..but they did make a L O V E sign right? in the intro.. i so LOVE them!! L-baby, O-Kyu, V-YS and E-jungmin..hehe..and of course leader did the heart thing..

phtriples said...

wow! i didn't notice that before! thanks for pointing it out! LOL. they're really awesome!!! can't get enough of them! ^_^

Geca said...

The comeback was HOT HOT HOT!!!
I noticed that the camera was focusing too much on Leader. I'm not against Leader, but I hope next time the other boys will be given the same amount of air time...they're a group after all.

phtriples said...

hi geca! not that i'm complaining about leader being always the focus, but you do have a point! i also want to see the rest, as well as their facial expressions and moves, especially ys and kyu! hehehe.

Geca said...

Exactly phtriples. And also Jung Min...nabali ata leeg ko kakahanap kay Jung Min dun sa comeback.

phtriples said...

hahaha! hope it didn't do a lot of damage to your neck. anything for the boys!!! :D jung min's voice is really improving.

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