Mnet music channel which is popular for their MKMF, change its name to MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards/MAMA) in year 2009.

2009 MAMA will be broadcast on 21 November 7pm at Seoul Stadium. It will also be broadcast through Channel V in China and other countries.

There are a total of 35 nominated awards in 2009 MAMA. 30 nominated songs and album award will be reveal on that day. Voting start from 9pm, 23 October.

SS501 is nominated under these categories:
Male Group Award
OST Award: Because I am stupid
Singer of the Year Award
Mobile voting song Award: Because I am stupid

Official Website:

Credit: hey!jj + koreastar + triplestw + Tieba Baidu + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit.

For Overseas Triple S, here's how to vote:


Triple S! We have work to do! We have to help SS501 bag all the number 1 spots for the categories they were nominated for, because they DESERVE TO WIN! Vote! Vote! Vote!


Anonymous said...

hi ... I really want to vote for SS501 but I can't figure out which link I need for step 1...can you give a screenshot?

Karren168 said...

I really wana vote for SS501 but the instructions are quite confusing... HELP!

Karren168 said...

Hey Guys! I got this post from Summer on "Hankering for Yong Joon" blog site of Liezl, hope it helps:

and for everyone else who is still struggling, here's the direct link to the page
there are four boxes below, just click the one on the extreme right that states 'foreigner', then agree to all the terms and conditions by clicking on the small boxes below, scroll down and click 'save' and the rest of it is in english, so it should be okay from there:D

maryy said...

hi!! whats the transition from step 1 to step 2?? cos I still can't vote after getting the free coupon, i think i need to convert it for something on that same page in order to vote but i don't really know what to click on

Gabby said...

I want to vote too! but how? :( still have a problem in STEP 2. :(

jovelyn said...

Help,I'm having trouble with the voting. I'm on step 3 already. I'm clicking a picture on Category 1 but there's a pop out. How do I know my vote is counted?

phtriples said...

If you saw a white box, this means that your vote did not count because you don't have korean id number.

Anonymous said...

karen 168, i tried your did turned out english but when i was almost done for the sign up, it asks for the authentic number which i dont know where to get..!

phtriples said...

you have to click the certification button beside the email address box then an authentication number will be emailed to you. after which you will enter that, and you'll be able to register. but guys, i don't think international fans can vote yet... you have to have a korean ID number to be able to vote :(

hannah hernandez said...

I tried voting but then i think that the free coupon doesn't work.. when i vote for a category a window opens and it has those pay things from makes me choose 7000 5000 won i dont know if they will count my votes..

phtriples said...

i think international fans can't vote yet :( so sad.

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