October 29, 2009

SS501 Talks About REBIRTH

Here are a couple of articles talking about the REBIRTH album production and what SS501 had to undergo in the process. It wasn't an easy road, they experienced a lot of road bumps: swindling, Leader getting sick, exhausting practices and 501% effort from all those involved... but in the end, it was all worth it, because REBIRTH is one hell of a mini-album! The songs are wonderful, and most importantly, SS501 is back! Read the articles...

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SS501 “Trend, is not to be followed but made”

Idol group SS501 (Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Park Jung Min, Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Joon) has shown their best in each of their own fields of activities such as drama, unit activities and musical. They have reunite again after 1 year 7 months for their mini album ‘REBIRTH’.

SS501’s comeback has garnered a lot of attention from many fans thus the album received enthusiastic response as soon as it was released. The music source (mp3) was released at 00:00hrs on 20-Oct, despite the late time, many fans downloaded it. Fans were also enthusiastic towards the album that was released on the same day. SS501 also got into high positions in search engines on 20-Oct.

This album is new in many ways as compared to SS501 previous albums. Instead of having the trend of powerful dance music that idol group uses, their title song ‘LOVE LIKE THIS’ is a pop song with refined melody.

The different feel in this album is due to the incorporation of a new producer. Steven Lee, who previously produced for Japanese group KAT-TUN, V6, German group US5, etc, has produced this album. Title song is composed by Steven Lee and overseas musicians Drew Ryan Scott and Sean Alexander.

Mixing is done by Ken Lewis who previously participated in albums of singers like Usher, Kanye West, John Legend, etc.

Leader Kim HyunJoong explained “The music is very different from what SS501 had previously. We put in a lot of effects in order to produce this new album. Member Park JungMin said “We had responses such as ‘So SS501 is also able to sing such songs’. The album is very near is what we had expected it to be.”

Kim HyungJoon said “We are sorry for our fans that we came back with only a mini album instead of an official album. However, this album has been done to close perfection so it wouldn’t disappoint fans’ expectations. We are preparing for our 2nd album.” Making the fans anticipate to it. Their company DSP Media followed up to say that SS501 has already finished recording about 3 songs that were not included in this mini album. They have not decided to include these songs as a repackage album or to include in the official album.

The members who have matured in their musicality, helped in this album by contributing their own thoughts. Kim HyunJoong explained “We produced this album while having a lot of discussions with the staffs. We don’t have much pressure even though the staffs are foreigners. We were surprised as this is our first experience (with working with foreign staff). The result of it is an album with Korean pop style.” Kim HyunJoong added “Because we were greatly involved in this album, our affection for this album is even greater than the rest of our albums. Rather than to follow the trend, we made the album thinking to make a trend with SS501’s own unique style.”

Kim KyuJong said “’REBIRTH’ is an album where there is high involvement by our members. It is an album that was made with our concept.”

In this album, they included one song for their fans called ‘Green Peas’, which SS501 members wrote the lyrics by themselves. This song is like a return gift to their fans that have been supporting them for a long time. Kim HyungJoon also helped with the lyrics for track 4 ‘Obsess’.

Kim HyunJoong said “We will remove ‘idol-like’ feelings through our music. We have transformed into matured men.”

They have changed not only in their music, but in their appearance too. With the release of this album, they also showed photos of their transformation, filled with masculinity.

Park JungMin said “We have changed a lot in our dance, song and appearance. With the determination to be an ‘artiste’, we made anew from the beginning to the end.”

In fact, SS501 met with many complications until the album was finally released. The song that they was supposed to use as title song was known to be a plagiarized song only after they have finished recording and thus had to redo the album from scratch again.

Members said that it is indeed the case. The members bought a song from a local agent selling foreign composed song in August, and was to use it as their title song. However while recording the song, the original song and melody that they heard sounded like another song.

Park JungMin explained “We thought that it was weird that the melody kept changing. On our way back after finishing our concert in Japan, we heard a similar song on board our flight. It was then that we knew that the song was already released in USA.”

At that time, SS501 has already finished recording the title song. When they realized that the song was a plagiarized song, they had to find new songs for their album again.

And the worse thing is that member Kim HyunJoong paid 8 million won for the song himself. Even though the money was retrieved back, he was almost being swindled off with. For SS501 who had not had much malicious gossip like such since their debut, was almost involved in plagiarism.

Role Model SS501 “We always take note of our speech and behavior”

It is not exaggerating to say that it is now ‘Idol Disaster Period’, DongBangShinGi, Super Junior and several groups were undergoing some hardships, among them SS501 certainly appears to be the role model group. None of the members were involved in any gossips.

SS501 said “In any case, we are in a position where we have an influence over our fans, so we have to be careful with our words and behavior.”

However, they conveyed their regrets towards the situations that their fellow colleagues are facing now. Kim HyunJoong said with regards to DongBangShinGi’s crisis of breaking up “I felt sad as a fellow colleague towards Korea’s representative group, DongBangShinGi’s crisis of breaking up. I hope that they can resolve the issue nicely.”

Recently, some singers who are involved in violent behaviors, drinking, gambling, etc which had been criticized by the public, he said “Even though wrong deeds are wrong, it is too much to be criticized so badly over the internet. The fingers are enough to kill a person. I feel sorry for those people who have suffered because of these internet public criticisms.”

5 members of SS501 has shown their best during each of their own individual activities. Kim HyunJoong has tremendous popularity due to drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

YoungSaeng, KyuJong and HyungJoon made a hit song by singing ‘Boys Over Flowers’ OST song ‘Because I am Stupid’ as their unit activity. Park JungMin received recognition for his acting through musical ‘Grease’. And so, they achieved ‘Triple Crown’ and 5 members came back together again.

“Everyone did well in their individual activities. With the achievements, we are glad to came back together again. After we put a strong foundation in Asia, we will invade to an even bigger market.” The members said, asking for their fans to look forward to it.

Credits : omj@cbs.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


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hi, I would like to ask u a question regarding a sentence you wrote:
"The music source (mp3) was released at 00:00hrs on 20-Oct, despite the late time, many fans downloaded it."
there is a legal mp3 for free downloading? may i know the website? thank you very much :)

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