Photos from the KJE Chocolate Recording have been appearing. I wanted to wait until all photos from the members are out before posting, but I just can't resist Otter's pics. He looks so handsome! Love his smile!!! He's such a tease, and that dimple of his! Damn... how can this guy be CUTE and HOT at the same time?!!

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Credits: AMORINO + as tagged on pics


LyN said...

OMG! Prince Young Saeng!! he's too cute in here..i want to pinch his cheeks..can't wait to watch the broadcast of this show..i saw fancam of them singing "to my boyfriend" and "ASCFY"..the fancam is focus on baby..well in singing "to my boyfriend", they didn't dress as girls..haha..still can remember the last time they sang that song..young saeng is so pretty!! i wonder what's the reason why they sang it in chocolate..^_^

lainee said...

OMO OMo OMO!!!! YS is so kawaii here!!!He's getting cuter and more handsome day to day!!!! He's my 2nd favourite in the group but i really cant resist his bashful and shy smile with his dimple!!!

can't wait to see Kyu Jong's pics from KJE Chocolate.

Thank you for the pics. :)

phtriples said...

saengie is my 3rd fave, but to be honest, i can't choose between him and kyu! sometimes, kyu is my 2nd, then when i see pics of ys that are just so seductive... waaaah! i get so confused! LOL.

Cris Alisasis said...

OMG!!! Cuteness overload!!! Too... heavy.... cant... take it... *faints*

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