Triple S!!! Good news!!! There will be an Overseas Viewers' Award alongside MAMA. After all these days of feeling helpless because we can't vote for our boys because we don't have Korean ID's, at last! We can now vote and help them win the Overseas Viewers' Award. SS501's "U R Man" is nominated. Currently, our boys' standing is at No. 4! We have to get them to the number 1 spot!!! So Vote Vote Vote!!! YOU NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF MNET TO VOTE.



Mikai said...

i can't vote /sigh. when i clicked the vote button a pop-up tab appeared i can't understand what's stated there but it seems to be somewhat a log-in page

phtriples said...

Mikai, you need to register in Mnet first... for instructions, see here:

Gabby said...

Please guys, let's make them win this! This is our chance since the other poll is not valid for overseas fans. I can't stand not to do something and watch the other boy band wins.. huhuhu :(

hannah hernandez said...

hey... whats up..
I really think we should spread this to all international fans...
i'll be forwading this info to my youtube friends and facebook friends (who love SS501 and khj of course)
I hope you all do the same..
voting for this isnt much of a headache than voting on the other categories

Mikai said...

Thanks for the link kate but i wasn't able to register. i dunno whats wrong, i followed the instructions and all but it just stopped after i click the foreigner button. It doesn't proceed to the next step/page. /hmm

I think ayaw talaga akong ipa-vote LOLS

Mikai said...

Weeee i solved it kate. I used internet explorer instead of mozilla oh well its +vote for the boys ^_^

Luna les reveur said...

haru Kate! thanks for posting this.

let us do this Triple S :) I made my own version of the instructions for the MNET registration. Just in case you encounter difficulties signing up, you can find another set of instructions here:

ss501fanatic said...

hello! just wanna say.. for us overseas fan, this is the least bit we can do for our dear boys.

and may i add, we can actually register more than one account per email account

so i suggest each of us register 5mnet accounts and vote 5 votes for them daily!!! yay! suju fans are voting intensly. in one day their votes increased by 10x we, triple S need to do something too!!

of cos, if you LOVE THE BOYS very very very very much, you can register 20 accounts. each email entitled you to register 20 mnet accounts and thus vote 20 times daily.

lets work hard now!!

please help spread the word around so that we can gather as much help as possible.

ss501 fighting!

Cris Alisasis said...

You can make 20 mnet accounts with 1 IP address. I know, coz I just did it haha! You can vote once a day PER ACCOUNT. The voting for the Overseas Viewers Award DOES NOT require coupon number/buying from mnet just to make a vote. Just register an Mnet Foreigner Account and you're good to vote.

Please spread the word & let's make our boys win this award. SS501 & Triple S Korea is counting on us on this. ^.^

Anonymous said...

Actually, you can make 20 mnet accounts with one email, if not more, im not sure. but that means if you have more than one email, you can vote maybe 40, 60 times a day !

Anonymous said...

keep voting for ss501

let us make them in no. spot unti the day judgement

Gabby said...

just finish voting! more later during lunch time ^^

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