November 6, 2009

Coward Dorks

You guys have probably seen these already, but I'm posting them anyway because these videos really crack me up every time I watch them. And I really miss their playful sides. These are videos of SS501 singing their song Coward. The boys are such DORKS! I never get tired of watching their dorkiness. If you've seen these already, it won't hurt if you watch them again. Chuckle a bit again with me here...

Aside from the first and second versions of the SS501 Coward MV, there are other versions included in The 1st Story of SS501 DVD. Please support SS501 and buy the original DVD's! Don't just rely on the YouTube versions because the DVD is a LOT better! These videos are just to give you a glimpse of what you will get if you purchase the DVD. Here are some of the other Coward MV versions:

[Version 3]
Video Uploader: pattyxita@YouTube

[Version 4]
Video Uploader: arihyoshi99@YouTube

[Version 6]

Video Uploader: pattyxita@YouTube

[Version 7]
Video Uploader: bellasilkyrox@YouTube


Anonymous said...

i already saw this video..i love the bedroom version...super nkakatawa kz kpag sinicgit ni mal ung feet nia..ahaha


Mikai said...

Sana bumalik sa ganyan si leader namiss ko mga inosenteng laugh at smiles nya mahirap na makahanap ng ganyan sa kanya these days prang ang mahal mahal na ng ngiti nya now

charmedbyhyunjoong said...

LOL..did they ate too much chocolate before filming this vidz, they are all full of energy, especially leader in video 3. Even Kyu & Saeng too, super funny. Ha..ha..good thing jungmin doesn't use his super low voice in any of their songs, it hurts my ears hearing it but maknae's voice sounds nice.
Hope you also post the finished MV to see the outcome of their dorkiness.

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