SS501 guested last night in Super Junior's Sukira Kiss The Radio at 10pm. These 2 bands are fighting for our votes in MAMA but last night, they are simply radio hosts and guests. SS501 seemed to have a good time in the show. And so many fans were there to witness their radio guesting, you can hear the screams in the fancams below. I'm sure videos of the whole radio show will be uploaded soon (with English subs, I hope)! So let's just wait for those. In the meantime, here are some pics and fancams from the show last night.

JM wore a mask, he must have a cold. And look at Leader, seems like he's having a photoshoot instead of a just posing for a souvenir picture. LOL! Kyu is hyper and in a good mood. Baby looks really handsome. And I want to pinch Young Saeng's chubby cheeks!


SS501 singing "Love Like This" @ Sukira
Video Uploader: SuperTing18@YouTube

SS501 demostrates how to sing and Baby does a bit of John Legend's "Ordinary People"
Video Uploader: SuperTing18@YouTube


Cris Alisasis said...

wow! they sing it better live!!! ^_^ they are all singing it out with all thy might! hehe! i love them more!!! immensely!!! <3 <3 <3

it's great to see them on the radio show of suju's eunhyuk & leeteuk. there shouldn't be any kind of competition when it comes to music... everyone must be united. just my two cents there. ^.^

phtriples said...

i agree cris... although we all have our favorites, we shouldn't hate other bands. they're also just working hard to live their dream. let's just support ss501 all the way! :)

Cris Alisasis said...

exactly kate, i hate politics in music. it destroys the essence of music being the universal language. *pouts*

so yes! let's support ss501 all the way baby!!! ^_^

@ leader: serious much? hahaha! XD

Andrina said...

Leader look SO serious..
but the in the first pic he is just too hot to be true :D

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