I woke up today and I was wonderfully shocked that our boys are at the #1 spot! Wow! I know that once Triple S work together and become united towards 1 goal, nothing is impossible! From 100,000+ votes down... we're now #1! But guys, we CAN'T SLACK OFF! We need to maintain this lead until the voting ends! We have to give SS501 an award! Just imagine what they would look, with those big smiles on their faces, accepting their well deserved award! Since they've lost in Music Bank and Inkigayo, let's make MAMA their first award since comeback! We can do this Triple S!

Credit: MAMA website


Cris Alisasis said...

it's paying off finally! i hope they get the overseas viewers award. this is just one way of showing our men how much us, overseas fans, love them. <3

let's keep on voting guys! ^_^

bianca said...

i never doubted at all!

simply amazing peas!

Karren168 said...

Guys, grabe... I know right now our SS501 men have the number 1 spot... but to check the voting trend i refresh the page after around 5 seconds by clicking on Overseas Viewers Award... Super Juniors jump of vote is sometimes as high by the hundreds while ours is only around 50-80... we should be able to also jump the votes by the hundreds so we can maintain the top spot

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just checked the status of the Overseas Viewers Award and SS501 is down by over 200,000 votes (4% behind Super Junior). Come on Triple S, SS501 has the best fans so lets get together and spread the word for people to vote so that our beloved ss501 will win!

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