It was a sweet win yesterday for SS501. Last week, they won in Music Bank's K-Chart, but they weren't there to accept the award. But yesterday, they were there to receive the glory. And they're sharing it with all the fans, because they made that win possible. It would have been really great if we were all there to witness their happiness up close and personal, but since we're not, these fancams should help. Thanks to irenelin005 for sharing these vids! ^_^

Young Saeng & Hyun Joong Encore Stage "Love Like This" @ Music Bank 091120
The music stopped during Leader's part. LOL. Did Leader actually trip when he was going down the stage?

Jungmin Encore Stage "Love Like This" @ Music Bank 091120
That's a nice looking trophy you got there Jung Minnie. ^_^

Hyung Jun Focus Winning + Speech + Encore @ Music Bank 091120
Hyung Jun looks so happy, I like it when he went over to his little bro Ki Bum before their encore performance.
Video Uploader: irenelin005@YouTube

And for those who are worried about Leader, don't worry anymore guys, coz Leader is happy! Look at him smile. Maybe he's just trying to be all cool about the win. But we know he's happy!

Pic credits: as tagged on pics


Marge said...

awesome, awesome news, thanks for posting. it's great to see leader ack the others by bowing the way he did, very mature and gentlemanly, and very respectful of the other talents.

elen122207 said...

congrats really deserves to did a great job my prince..keep up the good work...hoping i'm the lucky one who catch the bouquet of flowers that u thrown...

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