Hyung Jun: Peas Princess Mansae (2009.11.21 12:42:58AM)

The reason we can get such a great award was all thanks to you.
Really very very cherish you, we will work harder to repay everybody.

At the moment when SS501's name was announced, the past was flashing through my mind,
Finally we made it, because of this thought, can't help but show a happy smile ^^.

All these are because there are SS501 Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min, Hyung Joon.... 5 of us and those behind us

Also those who had silently giving us your support, TripleS who gave us power to stand up again even we fell down, because we have you who love us beside us.

Really very happy, and feel more confident.

Thank you, I will never forget today. Thank you, and really very treasure you.

SS501 Mansae~mansae~mansae~ TripleS Mansae~ Mansae~Manmansae~~~^_^ Good night.

Presenting this glory to all of you whom have work hard for us. Thank U!

Credit: ss501.dspenter.com + (Chinese translation)卡君@ss501spv.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

This, I expected. It's always Hyung Jun and Kyu, who are diligent in posting messages after winning, or even during ordinary times... they really think about Triple S. I know the other members are happy as well, and of course they love us too, but these 2 are really very nice because they took the time to write messages for us to read. And anything from the boys, makes us really happy. :)


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