Another message from our sweet Kyu Jong! I really admire Kyu's thoughtfulness. He knows that just a few words from him are enough to warm the hearts of all Triple S. Just like last week, when they won in Music Bank, he also left a message in DSP website. Even just a small effort of leaving a message... that should show us how happy they really are for winning. So let's continue supporting them. I'd also like to take this chance to thank all Triple S, especially Triple S Korea for doing whatever it takes to ensure the win for the boys. Thanks you guys! You rock! Now on to Kyu's message.

Oh wah ^^..He Aza Aza~~Thank you~ 2009-11-20 9:35:10PM

First place!!!!! Thank you. ^^
Hehe so happy that members jumped around excitedly~
The Heavens know that we're first too, it rained again~
Indeed we're rain-calling-idols!! hehe
I'm feeling happier with the rain!!~
Beauties~ waiting for so long outside in such cold weather TT,,
you all didn't catch a cold right?
Don't fall sick, be careful of catching a cold!! Understand?
And eat well~!!
In the morning when I asked, there were many who haven't eaten breakfast~ must eat well!!
As for me, for tomorrow~~
I'll be sleeping early after I'm done eating!!
See you again tomorrow~~

Too happy today!! He he he~ Bye^^!!! I love you~~

Credits: DSP + (Chinese translation) + (English translation) SS5014ever @


Cris Alisasis said...

Awww... He really loves his fans, even shows his concern with their health. Who wouldn't fall for that, right? ^_^

COngratulations, SS501! It's just the start, there will be more to come. ^_^

I agree with Kyu, Triple S Korea, please take care of your health too. Everyone's been working really hard. >.<

phtriples said...

All for the love of the boys! Take care of yourselves everyone! We can only support the boys when we are healthy ourselves. fighting! ^_^

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