Sweet Kyu left a message in DSP website! We were all worried about him in the Shanghai Press Conference, we were told that he wasn't feeling well... and then the win in Music Bank! It was such a rush hearing the boys' voices over the phone patch. They undoubtedly sounded really ecstatic! I feel so relieved to read this message from Kyu. Now we know that he's okay! And he's really really happy that they won Music Bank finally! Thank you Kyu Jongie for reassuring us! Good luck in your Shanghai Persona concert! Fighting!


Kyu Jong: Thank you..^^ really thank you… (2009-11-13 11:54:27 p.m.)

Today, we received a really big present.. ^^

Really thank you…

During the long 1 year and 7 months, we did not show many appearances together to everyone.

Because we were distressed, we worked hard in the making of this album.

We were not able to keep our promise about making a 2nd full album…

We were sorry because it was changed to a mini album.. but even then you all give a lot of love to the songs

And more than anyone else, you all try to give us energy and when I think of everyone’s appearances very...

Thank you… for the activities this time round, we seriously worked very hard and 5 of us are very committed.

Because we received this really good news while in China for the China concert,
I too am very happy and the 5 of us, together with our staff, were yelling at the top of our voices

I have been rehearsing tomorrow’s performance ^^

I too thank you very much for this big gift… really really thank you!!!

Although we are not together in Korea with everyone now but our hearts filled when we think about our pretties ^^ just wait a while! We will fly (back) immediately!!!

We did not even have time to express our thoughts on winning ㅜ

That’s the 'beauty' of live broadcast... but people that the 5 of us want to thank…

Everyone knows right?! ^^

Not the 5 of us thanking each other..

I miss you all! When I’m looking down from the stage, the pretties are prettier than anyone else.. ^^

Really thank you for the present today

Will show everyone handsomely, good songs, good stage performance and good activities!

Fighting!!!!! ^^ hee

Will finish tomorrow’s China concert handsomely and return back ~~~~~~~~ good bye good bye~~~ I love you~~ hee

I want to become a star
Wherever on this earth
No matter at what time
(I want to) shine for you all
24/7 from Monday to Sunday night

High up in the sky, no matter where you all are
No matter at what time
(I want to) shine for you all
24/7 from Monday to Sunday night
Together with us, (you) will be happy ~

Together with us… ^^ (you) will be happy… Giving us happiness... thank you

Credits: DSP Media + (English Translation) Feissy@Quainte501


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