November 13, 2009

What's Wrong With Kyu?

Guys, look at these photos of Kyu Jong from the Shanghai Press Conference. He looks sad, doesn't he? Why the long face Kyu? I'm really worried about him. Usually, he's lively and perky but here he's frowning more, and his smiles don't even seem to reach his eyes. I wonder what's wrong with Kyu. Maybe he's just tired? In their MTV Taiwan Interview, he mentioned that he's feeling tired all the time and he's worried about his health. I really hope that his sad expressions here are nothing. And that the cause is nothing to worry about. I wish we knew more. I know for a fact that all Triple S are concerned and worried about whatever happens to SS501 members. But I'm sure that whatever Kyu is feeling, he will still give it is 501% best for Persona in Shanghai. Here's to wishing he'd get back to his usual perky, happy-go-lucky self! Honestly, it hurts me to see this look on Kyu. :(

P.S. I read on Mini UFO blog that according to fan accounts, one girl from DSP said that the boys are not feeling so good that's why they looked weak in the press conference. And according to some fans, Leader worked out in the gym and all 5 boys were seen in a bar yesterday because they had no rehearsals. It's good that they took a break. They deserve a little downtime and a little happy hour! :) Hopefully they'll feel better already!



Cris Alisasis said...

We love you Kyu!!! <3 Please keep your spirits up!!! Whatever brings you down, brings us down as well... :(

phtriples said...

i hope the boys feel better before their concert tomorrow. i hate seeing them sad and sick... :(

Mikai said...

He's not really in good shape there. Get well soon KYU

mcn said...

i am not sure if anybody had the same observation but i watched the press con video over and over again and i can sense something's going on with kyu..

to be honest, i feel that his sad face wasn't coming from physical's like something's bothering him..

i really hope to see his genuine smile again soon, cos seeing him that sad makes me feel the same way.. :(

we love you kyu!

mcn said...

after reading sohu's exclusive interview translation, i feel better now...cos kyu laughed at the end of the interview..such a relief!

see, i am this bothered when it comes to our boys..when they're sad, i'm sad too..when they're happy, i'm happy too..even when they cry, i cry as well..

they're not ashamed of showing how they truly them, really!

ss501 hwaiting! :)

deebhagalz said...

. Ohh, what is it?? What happned to our lovely kyu .. ?? :@

. I'm soo sad to see this :(( ..
. I miss his sincere and great smile face ..
. Seeing him like this is just so hurted ..

. Whatever happened to him, just hope everythings will be fine and he'll get well soon ..

. Kyu, we love you ..
. Whatever brings you down bring us down as well ..
. Oppa, fighting !! .

phtriples said...

i'm glad that he left a message @ DSP website. it made me breathe easier. :) they are obviously very very happy with their win. let's continue supporting them!

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