Maknae also left a message of thanks at DSP Website! So sweet of him! Baby is probably the happiest of the group right now. I hope this is just the start! I hope they win numerous awards!

Love Like This

2009-11-14 2:14: 15am
From DSP

1 year 7 month 5 people gathered together again, producing with our hearts,
Rebirth album are filled with our singing voices.
We achieved finally! Let the shrinking view move aside.
Many people have the goal to achieve 1st place in singing
Looking at how hard working everybody is, in this competitive singing industry
We must use music to get acknowledgment, must be even more serious and hardworking,
must have this thinking 10x a day.
Everybody who loves the music of SS501..
And our forever reliable, strong companions, our green peas.. little cutie green peas...
Let us pass this happy and fortunate day, really thank you very much.
Through this competition among the various senior and junior singers, we received a huge response.
Have become more and greedy…^^ I love you. Our tomorrow. It is not right, will be today
We will conquer more people in this Shanghai concert. Let's look far away
The person who can look far is the winner. Thank you. Sincerely grateful...
Now I must rest for tomorrow. Everybody goodnight. ^_^byebye

Credit: DSP Website + (Chinese translation) Elsa菜 + (English translation) SaengiePB.
Please repost with full credit.


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