FINALLY!!! SS501 won in Music Bank!!! Aaaaah, I'm so happy right now! I've been praying and praying for this for weeks since their comeback! Finally! Our boys got their well deserved award! They beat Shinee by 3452 points! Wow! I hope this is just the start of their series of wins! Guys, I heard that they don't count the sales for the Special album. So if you haven't bought REBIRTH yet, buy the Normal Edition so you could help increase their sales and help them rank high in Music Charts! I bought the Special Edition, but hearing this, I think I'm going to buy the normal album too! It's too bad that our boys are in Shanghai right now and they can't accept the award personally. I would love to see their bright, smiling faces while they accept the award. Anyway, there's always next time. But at least, they called in to say thanks and you can hear their excited happy voices when they heard they won. Here's the video. Congratulations SS501!!!

Video Uploader: imuyachan@YouTube

Here's the breakdown of SS501 scores:
Digital Ranking = 3306
시청지선호도 = After watching rating = 1540
음반 = Music = 5004
Broadcast = 1204

Translation: AndyDandy@Liezle's blog


Marge said...

this is wonderful news, thank you for keeping us updated ^_^

Mikai said...

I'm so happy! I hope they'll win for atleast 10 consecutive weeks ^_^.

Now its 4 criteria last time its 3. Hayzzz so inconsistent

Cris Alisasis said...

This is the just the start. There will be more to come. Yey!!! Congratulations, SS501!!! <3

phtriples said...

can you hear the excitement in our boys' voices? i'm so thrilled!

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