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Exclusive Interview with SOHU


November 12 afternoon, all 5 members of popular Korean boyband SS501 appeared in Shanghai to promote their Shanghai concert to be held on 11/14.

After the press conference, ss501 accepted Sohu’s exclusive interview.

Since their debut 5 years ago, the 5 members have matured quite a bit, but during the interview, they continued to portray their bickering personalities, boy-next-door friendly charm, just like before.

Sohu: Firstly, please say hi to all your China fans.

SS501: Hi everyone, we are ss501 (‘waves’)
JM: I am Jungmin (‘smile sweetly and waves’). Hi!
Baby: (snatches the mike) I am Hyung Jun (‘waves’)
Leader: I am Hyun Joong (‘waves’)
YS: Hi everyone, I am Young Seang.
Kyu: I am Kyu Jong, hi! (‘waves’)

Sohu: This is the second time in Shanghai having a concert. Compared to the first time, what is it that you feel is different? What special expectations do you have for the upcoming concert?

Leader: This concert is to make up for the regret of not being able to showcase for the fans the last time. And the concert this time is outdoors, and it is our first outdoor concert, so we hope that the fans would bring their warmest enthusiasm to cheer us on.

Sohu: Rebirth, which has just been released, has achieved excellent results in Korea. Congrats! The fans are very concerned about the full 2nd album. When is it planned to be released?

Leader: We also hope that the album would be released soon. We will work harder for an earlier release (‘other 4 members clap’)

Sohu: What award expectations do you have for the end-of-the-year awards ceremony? Currently, SS501 is number 1 for the MAMA Overseas Award. How do you feel about that?

JM: Firstly, this award is voted for by the fans, and it is an overseas award. We believe that the China fans have contributed a lot, thank you everyone. We hope that you will continue to support us, as well as Rebirth.

Sohu: The members have started to compose and write lyrics. Have you ever thought about releasing an album that is made up of only songs composed by the members?

Baby: Up till now, we have tried composing, writing lyrics, and in Rebirth, all 5 wrote the lyrics for the fan song. So it is possible that the next album would be all our compositions and that the production of all the songs would be undertaken by us. We are singer, songwriter SS501!(‘the sudden change to mandarin in pronouncing SS501 made JM laugh’)

Sohu: What do you feel is your greatest achievement and regret since your debut 5 years ago?

Leader: 5 years is not long and not short. During this time, we have a lot of overseas and Korean fans, and our popularity has been going up and down. Actually, all this is interesting, because up till now, SS501 finally has its own style and ‘colour’. From today on, we will continue to reward everyone with our unique ss501 music.

Sohu: So what plans do you have for the next 5 years?

YS: I think that even 5 years later, the 5 of us would still be together making music, and portray our charisma and charm through various activities. And I think even then, we will not change, we will walk till the end with our current condition. (‘all members clap’)

Sohu: Although Leader has returned back to Kim Hyun Joong from Yoon Ji Hoo, besides Leader, will the other members want to challenge acting in dramas and movies in the future? What kind of role does each member wish to portray?

Kyu: Actually all 5 of us are prepared. JM has opened the doors to acting through his musical, and Baby has finished filming a drama which will be aired soon. The 5 of us work very hard at our individual activities. Leader would soon have a new film, so hope that you will not only pay attention to our music activities, but also acting, DJ, hosting activities. Please support!

(Kyu passed the mike to YS: the role that YS wants to portray is?)

YS: Actually, I am ok with any role (Kyu at the side makes a boxer/boxing action). I would like to try Leader’s type of role in BOF.

Sohu: Can you all cope with your Korea promotional activities as well as the Asia tour at the same time?

Leader: This question should be answered by the most health-conscious, ‘zai nan’ (I don’t know what is the word in English, it refers to the boys who don’t like to go out and like to stay at home) JUNG MIN!

JM: We have been continuously taking care of our stamina, and for me I will eat food like ginseng etc. Also I feel that for challenging work, the attitude is very important, don’t build up too much stress, this would be good for the health... (‘suddenly yells at the other members ‘SO NOISY’!!!!’) (continues smiling at the camera) ... like this... is very helpful for relieving stress (Baby was stunned by the sudden yell, Leader put the mike in front of Baby)

Baby: Please quickly go on to the next question.

Sohu: What are your upcoming plans?

(At this time, Baby pushes the mike to Leader, but Leader and JM insist that Baby answer, a scene of giving way ensues)

Baby: We will continue to work hard. We have come back as 5 after 1 year 7 months. For the end-of-year projects and Asia Tour, we will portray our best side to everyone. Hope that everyone will support Rebirth! (‘all members clap’)

Sohu: Please say some parting words to your China fans

(JM snatches the mike)

JM: Friends, help me? Help help! (not sure about his mandarin pronunciation, looked at the interpreter for confirmation)

Baby: Thank you!

Leader: Hi everyone (Attention! He said it in Shanghainese!)

YS: I love you.

Kyu: You are welcome (bursts out laughing)

Sohu: The exclusive interview video footage would be out soon, please anticipate!

Credits: + (English Translation) finkle@soompi


Cris Alisasis said...

I'd love it if they would compose songs themselves for their 2nd album. ^_^

Mikai said...

(Anticipating for the video clip) Even just reading this article made me laugh ^_^ I want to see how they push baby to answer the question by passing him the mic.

phtriples said...

video is out already! i wish someone will sub this video. it's much better to watch with subs than just reading the translation. i will replace the video if a subbed version comes out! ^_^

Mikai said...

Hahahaha this is more of the Tom and Jerry video, a nice title would be "The Mic is Mine". The scene i liked most is when baby grabbed the mic forcefully from jungmin during the 1st part and then when jungmin tried to grab back the mic but baby had a nice grip of it ^_^

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