Hurray!!! Our boys won again in Music Bank's K-Chart today! Aaah, I'm so happy! Last week, SS501 won their 1st trophy from Music Bank since comeback, but since they were at Shanghai then... they weren't present on the show to claim their win. But this week, it's great to see them perform again and claim their well deserved trophy! They were up against 2pm and Park Bom. See the breakdown of scores:

Here's a video of their Love Like This performance.

Video Uploader: CodeMonmonSeason5@YouTube

Below is the video of their win. I love seeing them so happy! Maknae arranged them into a group hug. When the MC asked Kyu to make a speech, Saengie answered instead. Haha. And Jung Min ran over to Leader to give him the bouquet of flowers. So sweet! Notice Hyung Jun's brother Ki Bum from U-Kiss was at the back. Kyu kept kissing the trophy, while Leader did 90 degree bows to other groups. At the very end of the video, when the MC's were saying goodbye, Otter was sticking his head out from behind, making actions for the camera. So cute! Congratulations on another win SS501!!!

Video Uploader: LintuUchiha@YouTube

Here's a fancam showing Jung Min giving the bouquet to Leader and moving him towards the other members.

Video Uploader: yisaya86@YouTube

Look at how happy the boys are... it brings me so much joy to see them happy!


Credits: SS601


Anonymous said...

SS501 JJANG!!!

I'm I only one whose noticing that leader is not smiling. I don't like it. Leader you have to wake up don't be like Yoon JiHoo!!!
BOF is OVER!!!
Congrats SS501!!!

Gabby said...

congratulation to the boys! weeeee so happy today!

Mikai said...

Kyu fell in love with the trophy ROTFL. I'm so happy for them ^_^.

Yah I noticed it too but I'm sure he's happy he just doesn't want to show it in public or maybe he's holding his tears and wanna cry. We all know that he can be emotional when it comes to receiving awards.

Mikai said...

The girl emcee seems so familiar was she the girl with KYU @ SETI?

Cris Alisasis said...

Awww... Leader is really polite, showing respect to other artists who were there too with his 90-degree-bow. ^___^ And Jungmin is really sweet by giving the bouquet of flowers to Leader... But yeah, how come Leader didn't show some happy gestures upon winning? O___O I hope he's ok. >.<

SS501 FOR THE WIN!!!!! ^___^

phtriples said...

@mikai, yes, that's the girl in SETI.

@gabby: glad you had a reason to smile today. ^_^

@anonymous, I'm sure Leader is happy as well, but like mikai said, maybe he's just being calm about it. but i also would like to see leader smile more often. :)

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