The chubby cheeks, cute dimples, sweet captivating smile, the penetrating and seductive stare, signature moves, the heavenly voice... the mysterious, quiet one in the group, SS501's shy prince (turned bad boy?)... Heo Young Saeng!

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SS501 Persona Concert - MV before Young Saeng Solo
Video Uploader: ss501ufo@YouTube

SS501 Young Saeng Solo "Nameless Memory" @ Shanghai Persona Concert
Video Uploader: irenelin005@YouTube

SS501 Young Saeng Focus "Bye Bye" Encore at Persona in Shanghai
Video Uploader: shirbogurl@YouTube


LyN said...

love the pics..and somehow..i can see the "bad boy" image already(especially at the first pic!) i also read somewhere that while introducing themselves @ the persona in shanghai..instead of "prince"..young saeng introduced himself as "bad boy!" it's his first time doing that..anyway, he's still my prince..^_^

phtriples said...

he will always be the cute, hot prince of SS501. even if he adopts the bad boy image! hahaha!

elen122207 said...

oh my saengie...bad boy or prince or whatever, your still my man..can't wait for persona in manila..('_')

Nelza said...

ah, Saengi oppa..
wanna chew your cheeks.. :P

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