For those of you guys who don't know yet how SS501 members have been selected, and are wondering... you're questions are about to be answered. Happy Together is now up in YouTube, but there are no subs yet, so I'm not posting them here. If you want to watch without English subs, watch here. If, like me, you're willing to wait first for the English subs, then read first this piece of news.

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong shocking revelation: 'I was the only one who had to audition to pass, the others were accepted without any audition!'

SS501 selection process revealed.

On the night of 26 on Happy Together, Kyu Jong revealed: 'I had to audition for about 4 years before I finally succeeded, the other 4 entered DSP through the President's connections'.

Kyu who aspired to be a singer since young, said: 'Been auditioning for 4 years. In a famous, planning company, I finally saw members who were all accepted without any audition/interview, and I understood that there was also the easy route. Because all the other 4 members were selected through connections.'

Kyu said, "Jung Min is the President's high school junior, and a noona that JM knew introduced Hyun Joong hyung'. To this, Leader said: "'So I went to try and see, and I was selected on the spot -- (they said) 'let's settle on this one'".

Kyu continued, "Maknae is the son of the President's friend. Finally Young Seang knows a noona who knows Maknae, and hence went to audition', thus revealing the other members' selection process.

Leader, who participated in the show with Kyu, said: "so actually besides Kyu Jong, the others were selected through Jung Min". causing laughter on the set.

Credits: Korea Yahoo news +
Translation: redcat111 校对帮助: arigato555
Chinese translation by finkle88 on KHJ Thread @ soompi



mokona said...

poor kyu.. seems abit unfair to kyu don't u think? getting selected just because they had connections with jung min and the president ppl and all that.=.=i'm sorry but it just seem so.. i didn't know they were selected through jung min before and thought that they got in through auditions or many some sort of recommendation to the company when they were in their training days.i'm feeling the unfairness of it all for kyu. i mean kyu had to audition for 4 years! 4 years! thats a really long time of hard work! and the rest jus got in so easily?! i see so much injustice in this whole thing!
so i guess they knew each other before they met? O_o

many thanks for the update ^^ looking forward to see more of how they got to know and meet each other.

phtriples said...

Hi Mokona! Actually, Leader was just kidding. He wasn't serious about the last statement. ^_^ You know Leader... :) although you can say it's a bit unfair to Kyu, the other members are no doubt talented and they DESERVE to be SS501 members too, audition or no audition, they got in on PURE TALENT. ^_^

mokona said...

thanks for the reply phtriples, that made me feel better, because after seeing the article i cant help having this "love and hate" feeling inside me. But the fact is that they are indeed talented and do deserve to be part of SS501, thanks for pointing that out.i guess i forgotten that in a sudden rush of emotions.haha.. XD.

lets vote for the boys and hope they win! thanks for the voting post by the way. i wanna have a vote and help them win the awards too.

phtriples said...

call me kate. ^_^ and don't worry about being emotional, it happens to the best of us. :)

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