A lot of fans have now received their copy of SS501 Five Men's Five Years DVD, and some pictures scans have been shared with us. Aside from pictures, video clips from the DVD have surfaced too. Here are a couple of clips shared by Double HJ Korea. Of course, these pics and vids are just meant to be teasers. They should encourage you to buy the original copy! Let's support the boys by buying original copies of the DVD guys!

SS501 Five Men's Five Years DVD Clip 1

SS501 Five Men's Five Years DVD Clip 2
Video Uploader: hjdoll@YouTube


Marge said...

awesome, i can't wait for my order! thanks for sharing ^_^

LyN said...

whoa!! can't wait for mine too! i really hope it comes with english subs..

mokona said...

OMG.. young saeng's hair..*speechless* O_O
looking forward to the album coming to singapore soon ^^ I'm saving up so i can buy and support them.

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