[DSP] Completion of SS501 Mini Album 'Rebirth' activities
[DSPe] 2009.11.27 11:13:53AM

Hi everybody, this is DSP media,

SS501 mini album 'Rebirth' which was released on mid October was the consolidate product of the 5 members during the 1 year 7 month period, thus it is even more meaningful. In such a short period, being able to win No.1 ranking in major music chart and winning No.1 in KBS Music Bank, getting very good result.

All these were accomplished with the support and hard work of all TripleS.

27 Nov's KBS 2TV 'Music Bank', 28 Nov MBC-TV 'Show! Music Core', 29 Nov SBS TV 'Inkigayo' will be the goodbye performance. 5 Dec will also participated in 'MBC Music Core Special' held in Jeju Island. Hope everybody will be present to cheer for SS501 goodbye stage.

After the long waiting period and having a short activities, more or less we have some regrets. The new album was plan for during the 1st half of next year, hope that before that you can continue to give us your support.

The Hong Kong Asia Tour concert will be held at Asia World Arena. Hope everybody will support the future Asia tour and other activities.

During this 1 month's time, all TripleS you have worked hard !!
We will work hard to let everybody see a more development in DSP and SS501!!

[DSP Media]

Credit: DSP Ent. + (Chinese translation)Elsa菜@DoubleS501.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com


At last, an official notice. More often than not, we only get second hand news and updates of the boys. We seldom get official statements/announcements like this from DSP. So it's always nice whenever DSP releases these notices. Don't be sad about our boys completing their SS501 Rebirth activities, guys. We'll still be seeing more of them, so don't worry!


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