[News] Hong Kong watch seller can't recognize Kim Hyun Joong

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong revealed embarrassing incident in Hong Kong.

Kim Hyun Joong participated in the 26 November broadcast KBS 2TV 'Happy Together 3', demonstrating his good eloquence. In this episode's program, jointly participated include Kim Hyun Jong, Lee Hye Juk, Kim Hyun Chul.

Kim Hyun Joong said: "Not long ago I went to Hong Kong and had the feeling of being snatched money liked in high school."

"There were a few uncle with beard came over to say they had fake branded goods."

Kim Hyun Joong said: "I don't want." They followed by asking: "Do you want the A grade?"

After taking out the S grade, both of the uncle solemnly said: "If I do not sell this I will die." Then he took out another fake branded bag."

Until Kim Hyun Joong spend 600 dollar to purchase a watch, then they released him.

After that Kim Hyun Joong went to the night market, he said: "An auntie came over and show me a picture book. There was a similar watch which I had purchased, and it was selling at half the price. I was so angry, so I spend 200 dollar to purchase another piece."

Opposite the watch seller, there was a pirated CD store, while bargaining with the auntie, the CD store's boss brought the 'Boys over Flowers' DVD and walked over, Kim Hyun Joong thought he had recognized himself and felt very embarrassed. However, the watch seller shook her hand. His words caused everybody to laugh.

When asked whether it is troublesome to look handsome. He answered: "Better than looked ugly." Causing another round of laughter.

Credit: Newsen + (Chinese translation)xinhm@hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

[News] Flower Boy Kim Hyun Joong: "I want to act as a mental patient."

Flower Boy Kim Hyun Joong said: "I want to act as a mental patient." His words became a topic.

In 26 November night KBS 2TV variety show "Happy Together" Kim Hyun Joong revealed: "After acted in 'Boys over Flowers', I have received a lot of movies invitation." MC asked: "What type of role do you wanted to try?". Kim Hyun Joong answer: "I want to act as mental patient. Also wish to try roles which others not so skillful in, like fool or killer type of role." From this we can see Kim Hyun Joong strong character.

During that day, Kim Hyun Joong also revealed that he suffered after effect after finish filming 'Boys over Flowers'. "During filming, I drove luxurious car and eat delicious food. When filming ended, I don't even visit the rice cake shop and also the roadside stall which I frequent. After acted as rich man for 6 months, I can't even get use to the normal life, but after my wallet getting thinner, I finally returned back as Kim Hyun Joong."

Credit: TVDaily + (Chinese translation)妃茵@TripleSTW.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

LOL. Another round of quick-wittedness from our dear Leader. I always admire the way he answers questions. He's known as a guy with a 4D personality, but we can't deny the fact that this guy is smart! I can't wait to watch the whole Happy Together episode with subs! It's bound to induce a few rounds of laughter. ^_^


LyN said...

LOL!! a mental patient?..that would be interesting to watch..when i read this..i remember jungmin from the ASCFY mv..hehe..they said he looks like a mental patient!! hahahaha..

Marge said...

just wanted to share if one translates what he said in Tagalog: "When asked whether it is troublesome to look handsome. He answered: "Better than looked ugly." --

Kesa naman pangit

hahaha grabe.

but seriously grabe nga daw magshopping na daw dun pati Shanghai, di ka bibitawan 0_o

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