SS501 performed their Goodbye Stage at Music Core today. It's sad that they're ending their REBIRTH promotions... but my only consolation is that we'll be seeing them more overseas and of course, in other activities outside the music shows. But I'm sure gonna miss Young Saeng's signature move and Mal's sexy dance. LOL. By the way, I loved their entrance in today's performance. Watch the clip.

Video Uploader: CodeMonmonSeason5@YouTube

I'm also including a clip from JKPop Craze in which they featured Behind the scenes recording of Love Like This MV.

Video Uploader: leekiwi0211@YouTube


mokona said...

*burst out in tears* T^T noooo``. I'm going to miss young saeng's signature move like u. Its too soon for this to end! nooooooo```and what an entrance! It is indeed different this time. i feel so much sadness that this is coming to end.
*sobs* u can see in their eyes that they don't really want this to end as well. All of them were great in this performance.
T^T so going to miss them..

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