SS501 Kim Hyun Joong
and newcomer talent Jung YoungHwa have been chosen as the new MCs for MBC ‘Sunday Night’.

Kim PD said during a press conference on 23rd November, “Kim HyunJoong and Jung YoungHwa will be for the new corner on ‘Sunday Night’ called ‘Korea Ecosystem Rescue Centre, Hunters’ to be aired on 6th December.”

This will be a corner where celebrity MCs will go out to capture wild boars. The PD added, “Even right now, the MCs are working hard with the qualified professionals capturing the wilde boars in KyeongSan IlRyeong. Every week, the 7 MCs will get training for about 2D1N and go out to hunt for the wild boars. This week it will be IlRyeong, and next week it will be in AhnDong.”

The PD added, “There are about 170 thousand wild boars in our country, the population has increased 4x than before. If the government do not do something to control the population, it can pose as harm to the ecosystem in our country. We want to bring awareness about the ecosystem in our country and also bring down the population of wild boars through this show. The captured wild boars will either be given to nursing homes or given to the less fortunate to be eaten.”

The other MCs on the show are Hwang JungEum, Jung GaEun, Han JiMin and Han HyoJoo etc.

Source: K-Bites
Wow! Original Ji Hoo meets Ji Hoo the 2nd. Hehe. This should be an interesting show to watch. I'm looking forward to seeing Leader with the boars. LOL. Jung Young Hwa is dubbed as the "2nd Ji Hoo" because the character he played, Kang Shin Woo, in the drama "You're Beautiful", is very similar to Yoon Ji Hoo of Boys Over Flowers, but who do you think is more handsome? And who fits the role more in terms of looks? Well, I'm biased, so... Ji Hoo 1, the original!!!


jaz :) said...

ji hoo the 2nd ??
pano xa naging ji hoo the 2nd ?? hmmm ...
im looking forward to this .. i want to see kung anung gagawin ni leader and ung mga magiging comment nia haha ..
hahaha of course kay ji hoo 1 ako !

Cris Alisasis said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!! I can't believe this is going to happen! I love "Shinwoo" of You're Beautiful because he indeed reminded me of Jihoo. I actually like him more than Taekyung haha! OMG!!!!! This is so going to be awesome!!!

Jung YoungHwa plays guitar for a band called CN Blue. They really do have a lot in common with Leader in & out of the drama. I'd love to see these guys jam together one day. But i think seeing them catching wild boars is much more exciting LOL! ^___^

Gah! Can't wait to see this one. ^__^

I love them both. But Leader rules my heart. ^_^

i_heartS2501<3 said...

I love Jung yong hwa!! he is awesome in You're beautiful:) he reminds me alot of yoon ji hoo...
can't waitttttt XDDDD

Cris Alisasis said...

Speaking of You're Beautiful, the lead role actress, Go Minam (Park Shin Hye) once starred in a carbonated drink CF commercial with Leader. ^__^

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