Are you guys excited for Leader's new MC gig? I know I am! The show will air on December 6 at 5:30 pm Seoul time. Here are a few pics from Sunday Night Press Conference. Hyun Joong is so gorgeous in a tux! Standing next to each other, don't you think Leader and Jung YoungHwa look similar?

The 2 "Ji Hoo's" : Original Ji Hoo sunbae You Are Beautiful's Jung YoungHwa

Credits: as tagged on pics


Karren168 said...

Gosh! HJL's handsome face stands out beside Jung YoungHwa... HJL looks so good no matter what he's wearing... I just wish his stylist fixed his tux (a bit big on him) & pants (too long)... he's the style icon so they should be aware of his clothes esp the fit... he he he I know this is kinda mababaw but I want HJL to always look his best... BOF stylist were quite good at this :)

Cris Alisasis said...

You know what, I've always loved those shoes Leader is wearing. I've seen him wore them many times. I just love it. ^__^

And finally they met! My 2 gorgeous rejected flower boys... oh please come to mommah! LOL~

elen122207 said...

Wow!! It's raining men...allelluyah...leader look soooo georgeous in his wonder he won the style icon...can't wait for Boys over flowers one more time..LOL!!

phtriples said...

Come to think of it, I haven't even seen BOF yet! Hahaha! Leader is much better as Hyun Joong than JiHoo though, in my opinion. He got really quieter after he played the role, I wish he would be back to his WGM 4D self. Hehe. ^_^

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