As we all know, Hyung Jun and his brother Ki Bum from U-Kiss are very close. Yesterday, fresh from Shanghai, Hyung Jun made a surprise appearance at U-Kiss Autograph Session. It's really sweet how the support each other. And we all know that Maknae is really very supportive of his dongsaeng. Here's the news, video clip from the event, and some pictures.

[News] HyungJoon, “My brother, Fighting!”

“My brother, Fighting!”

SS501 member Kim HyungJoon (22) played his role of a reliable elder brother to his younger brother Kim KiBum (19), who is currently engaged in performing new song ‘Manmanhani’ of group U-Kiss. Recently, he went to support his younger brother’s fan sign event without prior notice.

U-Kiss, who recently released 3rd mini album which total album sales was ranked 1st on the real time Hanteo chart, held their very first fan sign event at one record store in COEX, Samsung-dong, Seoul on 15-Nov. On this day, Kim HyungJoon made a surprise visit. After finishing SS501’s Shanghai concert the day before, Kim HyungJoon returned to Korea on this very day, and went to the fan sign event without even unpacking his luggage. He said to the fans that went for this event, “Please help my brother so that ‘Manmanhani’ can get to the 1st place.” His request to the fans shows the brotherly love between them.

The brothers are in all smiles recently. SS501 which Kim HyungJoon belongs to, released a new album which title song ‘Love Like This’ won the 1st place in KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ broadcasted on 13-Nov, while Kim KiBum’s group U-Kiss also enjoyed their highest popularity since debut with strong dance song ‘Manmanhani’.

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Anonymous said...

NICE!!! supporting for his younger brother

VERY GOOD magnae of SS501
your the youngest member of SS501 but at home your the big brother..
keep taking care of your younger brother

by the way, I like the new song of U-KISS called "ManManHaNi" FIGHTING!!!

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